Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here are some highlights from our Thanksgiving in Ohio . . .

Highlight #1: Cousins and Being "Clumsy"
When visiting Ohio, Bub has a blast playing with his two oldest girl cousins, Fancy and Swiper. They go, go, go and, for the most part, play and entertain themselves with little need for adult intervention. However, they are so busy playing that they also go, go, go . . . if you know what I mean. There were three episodes of "I peed in my pants" on Thanksgiving alone, with one more by Bub the following day. After the second time Bub soaked his pants on Thanksgiving, he said, "It's okay, I'm just a little clumsy today." The next day, he offered a similar explanation, "I'm still a little clumsy." Clumsy, yes. But cute as well.

Highlight #2: Zoo, Zoo, Zoo
The last time we visited the Lincoln Park Zoo, the polar bear was not swimming. I imagine he was being groomed or treated somewhere, but Bub decided that the polar bear had gone "to Grammy's zoo." We decided to visit the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this evening to check for that polar bear and enjoy the mild weather and the Festival of Lights. We were not the only Cincinnatians who had that idea. The zoo was mighty crowded, but it was still a great night to be out. We saw a sleeping polar bear and lots of beautiful lights.

At the zoo, MEP & Co. also made our first attempt of the season to get a holiday-card worthy photo:

LAP & Co. fared a bit better:

Highlight #3: It's Like HGTV!
My parents recently remodeled their kitchen, living room, and dining room. The results are amazing. Every time I look at the kitchen, I cannot believe how beautiful it is. Plus, the layout is now far more practical, and there's more storage. The only downside is that the new kitchen floor has turned my mom into a Swiffer junkie (six-eight times a day, easily). I'm afraid the crappy photos I take wouldn't do it justice so I have just decided to share one small highlight of the remodel: the fridge now has a freezer drawer with a separate pull-out rack inside, which my mom has given my dad the okay to use for storing the beer mugs he likes to keep chilled for his Bud Lights. Cheers!

Highlight #4: You've Got to Represent
Hubby noted tonight at the zoo that he felt a little awkward being one of the few individuals there not wearing any Cincinnati Bengal, University of Cincinnati Bearcat, or local high school sportswear. That's an exaggeration, of course, but people in Cincinnati do love their sports teams (GO MUSKIES!!!!!!). Note, for example, the lovely light display of my parents' neighbors.

Highlight #5: 3.75%
I had a lot of fun with the ladies on Black Friday and completed a lot of my holiday shopping to boot. I don't get many chances to shop when I'm home in Chicago. Plus, the sales tax in Chicago is now 10.25%, which is ridiculous. When reviewing the holiday purchases with hubby, I made sure to emphasize the tax savings.

So, there you have them, just a few Ohi(o)lights! Lots of fun and laughter this trip. Lots of food. Lots of family time. Lots of fun.


msh said...

laughed out loud of your festival of lights picture. eli, sitting nearby: "mom! what could be so funny?!"

so glad you had a good trip home. and i can't wait to see your parents' kitchen! i might just stop by and surprise them. i could bring a camera crew for hgtv.

LAP said...

I have scrolled back to your family shot at least five times...have laughed out loud every time. I enjoyed the clumsy recap, though Bub's cousins would site his prancing around after a non-clumsy bathroom trip, waving a #1 in the air (as if to describe what just took place in the bathroom) as a highlight for them. He's a stand up comic as far as they are concerned. I'd also like to note the adorable Little Bit adding little cousin Wookie's name to his limited vocabulary as a highlight:)

I don't want November and the daily posts to end...

Actchy said...

I, too, got a belly laugh from the family photo.

And I, too, will be sad to see Dec. 1st.

Actchy said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for not photographing me in swiffer mode. The Christmas photo take #1, was priceless. Good stuff. m

CaraBee said...

I absolutely think you should use that as your Christmas picture!! I mean, really, who wants a boring old, perfectly posed, everybody smiling one? I guarantee this one would not be forgotten.

I'm impressed that you braved the crowds shopping on Friday. Sounds like you made out, though, so, it was definitely worth it.

Sarah D said...

Love the photo and agree that it would make a great xmas card. I wish I could have seen you while you were home!

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