Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Music to my (admittedly uncool) ears . . .

I'm not a cool music person, and I know it. I use my ipod primarily for listening to audiobooks and spend my car time listening either to children's music (if boys are with me) or audiobooks (with ipod hook up thing). It's a shame really because I do love music. Every time I turn music on or hear music when I'm out, my spirits and mood lift. I like to sing along.

I really have no idea why I don't make more room for music in my life.

I do have an idea that my taste in music is not cool. Not even close. To prove this point I will describe the most recent albums added to my music library.*

Britney: The Singles Collection -- Though the CD does not include my personal Britney fave, "Lucky," I am also a major fan of "Oops! . . . I Did It Again" and even more so of "Toxic." Plus, I feel like this CD is a little piece of history, not necessarily a significant piece of history, but a piece of history.

Glee: The Music, Volume 1 -- Love the show. Love the song choices. Could listen to Rachel (Lea Michele) sing her half of the "Don't Stop Believin'" duet all day long. I have never heard some one make the word "Detroit" sound better. Really excited for the second volume.

New Moon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -- Since my beloved Entertainment Weekly has mentioned the awesomeness of this soundtrack multiple times, I decided to order it to expand my music knowledge and potentially up my cool factor (yes, I realize it is uncool to buy a CD because you hear it has cool, edgy music). I only recognize two artists on the back--Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers--so that may be an indication that the album really is cool . . . or at least cooler than I am (not that that takes much). I haven't listened to the soundtrack yet, but I'm going to have some alone time in the car this weekend and am planning to test it out on the open road.

I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle -- I don't know what this purchase says about me, but I CANNOT wait for this CD to arrive in my mailbox. The YouTube video can still bring me to tears. I continue to root for Susan.

I don't know what these new acquisitions say about me, my music taste, and my overall coolness.

For anyone seeking a more definitive assessment of my music cool factor, I will share this piece of information: on my ipod's alphabetized list of albums, the first one listed is Air Supply-Greatest Hits.

I'm all out of love for now, folks. Please tell me what you're listening to these days.

*I rarely spend money on music--usually just 99 cents here and there on itunes--but felt I "deserved" a few treats since I am teaching this semester.


Sue and Randy said...

I'm on a music kick with my girls. I generally don't like kid music, so I work at coming up with playlists of real music that will appeal to my 4 year old. I've recently heard Amanda randomly singing "8 days a week" which just cracks me up.
As for my iPod...it is one of my fears that an angry coworker will steal it and read my artist list out loud at a meeting--but you've got me beat with Air Supply!

Actchy said...

Never listen to Air Supply when you're feeling even a little bit down.

Sarah D said...

LOVE the Glee soundtrack. Some of the harmonizing is so great it makes me want to cry. Vol 2 comes out on 12/12.
If you like the New Moon soundtrack, the Twilight soundtrack is great, too. The Paramore songs are my fave.
I LOVE Jason Mraz. All his CDs are great.
Taylor Swift is on heavy rotation lately. She writes her own songs. I just think she's smart and she's not slutty and she's someone I can get on board with.

Amy said...

Have been hooked on Kate Voegele lately (love both the CDs), but that's about as cool as I get. My other music would make most people look at me in horror.

CaraBee said...

The Glee soundtrack is WAY cool. As is the New Moon soundtrack. So those two alone make you cool musically. My taste is all over the place, but there's a Bat for Lashes song that I am loving, an Aerial song (Stay) that I listen to over and over. The Civil Wars are pretty awesome, too. Florence and the Machine kicks butt. And I thought that before EW featured them. On the pop-y side, I have an unhealthy affection for Lady Gaga. I know, right?! She's great when I'm at the gym, though.

LAP said...

Todays itunes downloads included Fifteen by Taylor Swift, primarily because I haven't been able to get that song out of my head since her performance on the CMA's, even though I can really only remember one line. Still, agree with Sarah, impressed she writes her own stuff and really hope she never gets all messed up like those young stars tend to. Anyway, also downloaded Forever by Chris Brown. Didn't really want to support him and his abusive ways, but the girls are obsessed with the scene from Jim & Pam's wedding where they reenact the utube video. The song makes them dance around so that is fun. I will also admit that I meant to buy Miley's Party in the USA song but forgot.

Clearly, lack of "really cool" music genes runs in the family.

PITA said...

First, I don't think you are uncool at all for your musical selections.

I have officially kicked off the holidays by pretty much only listening to Christmas music while in the car. I am loving every minute.

Nothing like a little Baby It's Cold Outside to get you going in the morning.

CJR said...

Tell me you've read all the Twilight books.

msh said...

i must admit, i spent most of my life being a bit of a music snob. thinking that the alternative taste in music that i inherited from my way cool older sister was somehow better than the rest. was i into new kids on the block? no way! i'm headed to the depeche mode concert instead! and you should've seen the posters on my wall! and then working at xavier helped me to keep up with my favorite music scene--my students were bringing me cd's to burn almost daily! cool ones! but, sadly, it ends there. i find myself researching cool kids music instead (love elizabeth mitchell, ralph's world, justin roberts, by the way) and only occasionally read the reviews in rolling stone--and due to that, have added the "monsters of folk" cd to my christmas list--i'll let you know about that one dec 26.

MZB said...

Megan...I've only recently been on your blog. I dig it! And, this is a topic I feel like I can talk about. Til my face turns blue. I saw a Chicago band play a few years ago in Austin, TX...The Waco Brothers. Have a listen. Other favorites include....Patty Griffin, Alejandro Escovedo, Andrew Bird, The Be Good Tanyas, Monsters of Folk (kudos to your friend), Bishop Allen, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Josh Ritter, Lyle Lovett...just to name a few ;) Enjoy!! M.Brennan

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