Thursday, December 15, 2011

RWOP: Behind the Snowball

So, you know the phrase behind the eight ball? I don't know what it actually means, but I often use it when I am trying to convey feeling behind, as if I'm scurrying around, playing catch-up, disorganized, caught unaware, bordering on overwhelmed, etc. Hope that's right. All of December, I've been behind the eight ball or, rather, behind the snowball. Actually, make that a snowflake.

Today's (late) Real Women of Pinterest post is the perfect holiday craft for a rainy day in December (I'm not exactly complaining about these warm temperatures in the Midwest, but I'd take a little snow). This project is another "use what you have, make it up as you go along" endeavor, but I'm finding that to be the best kind of Pinteresting. Especially if the kids are involved, it's the process that matters more than the product. My kids and I are definitely having fun! Here goes ....

Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornaments
First, you'll need some puzzle pieces. Years ago before Bub was even close to ready, I ordered a pack of color-your-own puzzles from Current. He undid all the pieces, and I've never had the energy to put back a bunch of blank white puzzles, but I did save the pieces because I am hoarder-ish like that. If you don't have white puzzle pieces, you could totally paint puzzle pieces white or be creative and form your colored puzzle pieces into little holiday wreaths or trees.
We were out of Elmers glue (did we ever have any?) so mommy's job was to glue gun the puzzles pieces together to form snowflakes. I found that four to six pieces was the sweet spot for a cute, but not too clunky snowflake.
The boys' department was adornment. My oldest is obsessed with glitter pens so we got those out.
They would squeeze some big glops of glitter. Even the little, middle guy could do that.
Then, they'd spread it around. We had a couple baby wipes on standby for clean-up between snowflakes.
Excuse the blurry smartphone photography, but here's the close-to-final product. Something was missing ... ribbon, of course. I'm obsessed with ribbon.
Hole punch each snowflake. Pull a ribbon through (I used silver on some, brown on others). Before I tied the knot, I stuck in a short piece of teal ribbon and secured it with the long ribbon.
Pretty cute, right?
No, really, pretty cute, right?

Because one of the bonus features of our new home is no working power outside in the yard (until the electrician comes on Monday), we can't do any Christmas lights this year. So, I talked hubby into a second tree to put in the front window. It looks good, but a little bare as most of our ornaments are on the family tree. I have to say that the snowflakes have perked it up.

What about you -- any Pinteresting? Are you behind the eight ball this holiday season?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RWOP: Two Trick Christmas Pony

Welcome back for another week of Real Women of Pinterest.

Do a search for "handprint Christmas tree" on Pinterest and you'll see multiple pins of a couple versions of this holiday creation. I was ready to give it a whirl myself and had even purchased green and red acrylic paint several weeks ago in preparation. But, I forgot to buy a canvas. Because taking my three kids to Michael's is not even a little bit enjoyable, I decided I had to improvise. Take a peek.

Handprint Christmas Wreath
What? You don't have a large canvas? Grab a ceiling tile from the pile the previous owners of your house left in the basement.
Find something in your kitchen to trace a large circle with pencil.
Then, trace again with a smaller circular something.
Squeeze some acrylic paint into some little plastic egg cartons (good idea, right?).
Paint your son's hand green.
Instruct him to press that hand onto the ceiling tile. Don't try to press his hand down to make a stronger imprint because, apparently, those ceiling tiles are a bit scratchy. Repeat the painting of the hand and the pressing several times.

Get your littler guy in on the act as well. Try to stay breezy when he deliberately plants his hand in the no-holly zone in the very middle.

Okay, time for red paint and finger tip berries now.
Then, mom uses some more of that Costco ribbon from last week's wreath, ties a bow, and glue guns it onto the wreath. If your ceiling tile has a rough edge, use some ribbons to frame the wreath. Voila!
There you have it. Not the most gorgeous wreath ever, but not bad for using what I had in the house. And, yes, I realize that I have a larger-than-most supply of crafty crap on hand.

Christmas Handprint Trees
Okay, use pretty much the same process above, except pencil a triangle on a sheet of thick paper. Once the trees were dry, I placed them in the frames I used for the autumn fingerprint trees. No photos of the artists as little sister was topless during this project.

The kids did the trees and the berries/ornaments. I cut out and glued the stars and tree trunks (why, yes, I did have three different brown scrapbook papers to use here, all purchased a dozen years ago when I had time to do things like scrapbook).

Big Brother's Tree -- "Mine is the best, mom, right? Don't you like mine best?"
Little Middle Guy's tree. No time to reflect or evaluate,
he just throws himself into the project and then walks away.
And Little Sister's tree -- yep, she was most willing to
accept coaching and guidance on hand placement.
Anything Pinteresting in your life this week? Bloggers, link up your Pinterest posts in the comments. Other readers, send me your photos or leave a comment about your Pinteresting.

See you next week, if not before.

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