Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comfy, Cozy, and Me

Do any of you share my holiday fantasy? It's the one where your tree is all decorated and lit, the kids are in bed, the cards sent, the gifts selected, and the house totally clean . . . and you are on the couch in a semi-dark room enjoying the Christmas lights on the tree, reading the perfect book for the moment, and enjoying a hot beverage and maybe a cookie or two.

I have a few things to check off my list before that fantasy can be fully realized (though, in theory, I guess I could take a few moments to relax with a book and a hot beverage any evening), but I already know what I'm planning to read and drink in this year's version of the cozy evening at home holiday fantasy.

I stopped in Borders on my way to the parking garage after work about a month ago and saw some books by Maud Hart Lovelace on display. Lovelace wrote a Betsy-Tacy series that follows a little girl (and her friend) growing up in a small town. The books were published starting in 1940 and are set earlier than that (late 1800s, I think). If you read the reviews, everyone gushes about how they LOVED these books growing up and how the books remind them of the Anne of Green Gables series and the Little House on the Prairie series. I have no idea how I never heard of these books until a month ago. Anyway, I told myself that if I found out I was having a daughter, I would read the Betsy-Tacy series so that I could share it with my daughter someday, along with my beloved Anne of Green Gables books and Farmer Boy (my very favorite of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books). I haven't started the books yet, but I am so excited to get lost in Betsy's world and in a seemingly more innocent and simple time and place.

As for my beverage, I've been thinking lately of the orange spiced tea that I drank growing up. There are many recipes out there, but my mom usually mixed Tang, instant tea, and some Aspen Mulling cider spices. You combine all the stuff in a jar and then add a few spoonfuls to hot water whenever you're ready to relax with a hot beverage. I love it.

What are your holiday fantasies? Or, if you're interested in mine, tell me what book and hot beverage you're picturing?


Nap Warden said...

I gotta tell you, my drink is a nice white wine (two buck chuck from Trader Joe's)

Actchy said...

MEP, I haven't thought about Betsy and Tacy in years. I loved those books when I was younger. I remember my mom and I took them out of the library; she said she read them when she was little. They were the old, musty, hard-bound books, the kind with the super-soft pages. Betsy had a space between her teeth; something discussed as she grows older -- I think the books follow her into young adulthood? Sigh. Enjoy. I loved them!

Holiday fantasies? I just hope I don't stress too much. There seems to be so much more to organize, now that we have a 12/23 birthday in addition to the regular festivities.

I also fantasize that we can find a place for our tree that would not result in one baby finding himself among shattered ornaments and pine needles 3 minutes later. This is pretty much a pipe dream, though.

Steph said...

Congrats on the girl! :-) And I hope your holiday fantasies come true! I've not heard of that series, either, but I will look for it.

Sarah D said...

I do not love putting up the decorations, but I love having them up and sitting in the dark w just the tree lit and basking in its glow. It makes me supremely happy.

Pumpkin spice from Starbucks. I tried the crockpot lady's version, but sadly it was not the same. :(

Sue and Randy said...

I need to hit the library, as I'm hoping to have all my Christmas "to-dos" done soon and I don't have any travel this year. As for my beverage, I'm totally in love with Folgers Cappuccino instant drink (Mocha flavor). I've tried every mocha/coffee powder drink in every grocery store in Houston and this is the best!

CaraBee said...

For me it's warm apple cider. I could drink gallons of that stuff.

I haven't heard of that series. Which surprises me, given what a reader I am and always was. Since I have a daughter, I suppose it is my duty to read these and someday introduce her to them.

I hope to get the tree up this weekend. If I can talk Neil into pulling it down out of the garage while I'm in NYC for a girl's day out on Saturday. We're going to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Extravaganza. As well as shopping, sightseeing and visiting a friend of mine. Super excited. Anyways, I'm hoping he'll pull it down so I can decorate it on Sunday. I LOVE sitting by the light of the tree. Brings back such wonderful memories from growing up.

E... said...

I know I read the Betsy/Tacy series, but I'm kind of vague on them. I think I was too old when I came across them? On my list of books to share with my daughter are the entire Trixie Belden series, some of the Cherry Ames books (hopelessly outdated series about a nurse, but I LOVED her), and Beautiful Joe (actually this will work for O., too).
I love that orange tea, but usually go with regular tea or red wine b/c I can't get it together to make the other.
Haven't picked out my holiday reading yet, will be visiting the library today and keeping it in mind.

Anonymous said...

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