Thursday, November 26, 2009

Feeling Full

Full of mashed potatoes (some heavenly recipe that involves sour cream), mashed sweet potatoes, corn, corn casserole, broccoli, ham, green beans, stuffing, cranberry/raspberry jello, and Graeter's ice cream. I didn't have room for rolls, pie, or even turkey. I'll look forward to the leftovers.

I'm also full of thanks for all the good things in my life, family and friends being at the tippy top of the list.

I'm full of joy that I have a healthy baby girl growing inside of me right now.

I'm full of relief every time I remember that graduate school is over, that the black cloud of my dissertation no longer hovers above me.

I'm especially thankful for all who read this blog regularly or stop by and visit from time to time. I love writing these posts and find so much joy each time a reader leaves a comment or takes the time to send me an email or a facebook message or wall post to let me know that you enjoy NTB. I'm thankful for all my "closet" readers as well.

Here's hoping that all of you feel full of all good things on this Thanksgiving day.


CaraBee said...

I am thankful for NTB and for the great friend I have made because of it.

And wait. It just seeped through that you didn't have turkey yesterday. What blasphemy is this? Clearly pregnancy has addled your brain. No turkey on Thanksgiving! It's unamerican is what it is. Pfft.

Actchy said...

Ditto CaraBee on the lack of turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving, MEP.

Sue and Randy said...

I'm thankful for whatever the reason is for all the posts in November. I really enjoy your blog and it has been great to know I have something fun to read everyday! Thanks Megan!

E... said...

Turkey is the least of the pleasures on T-day, if you ask me. And WHY do I not make stuffing/filling/dressing any other day of the year, when I am just delighted with a giant pile of it on my plate??
I am so thankful for you, and for your daily posts this month. What will I do in December for entertainment?

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