Thursday, November 12, 2009

For my next trick (or treat) . . .

. . . I will do the bare minimum to fulfill my 30 blog posts in 30 days by including some cute pictures (NTB) of my kids on Halloween with just a little bit of commentary.

Bub was an elephant for Halloween and really loved wearing his costume. I love that he is still young and sweet and innocent enough to want to be an elephant instead of, say, a Power Ranger.
Little Bit was, um, a . . . a sea monster? an alien? There were two choices left on the rack at Children's Place and I chose the cuter of the two. I think he pulls it (whatever "it" is) off nicely, NTB. I could not resist including this photo of Little Bit the Pumpkin all dolled up for Bub's preschool party. One of the other moms said, "Oh, he'll hate you later for that one." For what? He's stinking adorable. NTB. My little goblins were not all that scary, but luckily we had our moldy, rotten, squirrel-eaten pumpkins to frighten off any little devils. Who would smash a pumpkin that's clearly hosting a whole spectrum of bacteria? Our pumpkins were dubbed "Mask" (or maybe "Masque"?) and "Manor" (perhaps "Manner"?) by Bub, in case you were wondering. And, of course, the grand old tradition of the dump and sort. They learn so young! I did my part to get in the Halloween spirit by eating every mini Butterfinger I could find and anything else that looked tempting, just trying to keep Bub from having too much candy.

What's your favorite Halloween candy?


Anonymous said...

The boys are adorable.ntb. It is sweet that Bub still wanted to be the elephant. Plenty of time for the others. Is there a better tradition than candy sorting. It's great for math skills. m

Anonymous said...

Twix were in high demand over here. I enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) a wide range of candy. I find myself going for the milk duds and tootsie rolls the most...probably thnking I will just get "a little something" but going back for multiple "little somethings" LAP

E... said...

That elephant costume is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I ate all the Reese's cups the night of trick or treating. You know, to get the peanuts out of the house. O. has discovered that he loves Kit Kats -- "the chocolate crunchy ones" he calls them. N., thankfully really likes suckers, so she can still enjoy something.

Actchy said...

I'm a Starburst girl come Halloween time. I always felt I could eat a lot of those before coming down with the requisite belly ache.

Love, love, love the elephant.

Our little Jack O'Lantern went moldy, as well. My dad reminded me that a good Bactine spray on a freshly-carved pumpkins keeps them in good form seemingly forever.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving my kids' Heath bars a little too much! Rita

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