Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miss Bliss

Some evenings I am too lazy to wash my face before going to bed. Sad but true. In case you are worried that I am going to bed with a face caked with makeup, you should know that whatever makeup I put on (and I do devote 3-5 minutes to makeup almost every morning) is eaten up by the pores of my face within an hour. The only exception to the dissolving makeup phenomenon is my mascara which smudges so that I look sickly and tired.

Back in my younger years, I tried a variety of skin care regimes--Mary Kay and Clinique, in particular. These regimes involved multiple products and steps--masks, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, and cotton balls. I don't know that my skin was any better for it, though the stinging of the toner did make me feel like I was doing something.

Around my mid-twenties, I got lazy and alternated between buying cleansers at the grocery store (Neutrogena, Oil of Olay--something in the $8 range) and washing my hands with regular soap and then using my clean hands to splash water on my face.

The clean-hands-water-on-face is pretty much the norm for me these days. Kind of interesting that the more I need skin care (increasing evidence of lines and wrinkles), the less I bother with it.

Until now, sort of. About a month ago, hubby and I traveled to New York for a wedding. We spent two days outside of the city in West Chester and then one night in Manhattan at a W Hotel. W Hotels stock Bliss Spa products in their rooms, and I took a fancy to the "fabulous foaming face wash for all skin types." It has just a little bit of grit, forms a satisfying lather on your face, and, best of all, smells WONDERFUL--rose hips, chamomile, and passion flower (according to the label). I dropped the sample in my clear plastic, airline-approved baggie and have been enjoying it ever since. The next week, hubby was staying at another W for work and, per my request, brought home the sample that came in that hotel room as well. Now, I have a miniature fabulous foaming face wash downstairs and upstairs. NTB.

For now, I am going to try to continue using samples that hubby brings home when he stays at W's. If my supply run dangerously low, I may buy a full-sized bottle at the Bliss Spa location in Chicago or online or something.

Do you wash your face? Of course you do. What do you use?

P.S. -- I warned you that if I were going to post every day, some of the posts would be weak!

P.S.#2 -- Am I remembering correctly that there was a television show with "Miss Bliss" in the title that starred Hayley Mills?


Sue and Randy said...

I'm a big fan of the disposable cloths with the soap built-in (I think Oil of Olay makes them). I hate wet wash cloths sitting around and getting stinky. They are great for travel, too.

Good luck getting through posting everyday in November--we are here to read and comment. Your efforts are appreciated!

cake said...

i don't wash my face. well, i guess maybe, when i shower.
but, i don't wear make-up either.

oh...i miss my MEP. but it is my own fault. i'm back. i will read every post, back to the last one i read. i promise.

Anonymous said...

1. I first want to say that I LOVE waking up and having something fun to read every morning. Thanks, MEP!! I love this November posting challenge!!

2. I think "Miss Bliss" was the teacher Hayley Mills played on Saved By the Bell?!? I could be wrong.

3. To "wash" my face every routine is kind of embarrassing. I use the little Noxema pads that are saturated with some kind of acne-killing liquid. The pads are kind of textured, so I like to tell myself that I am also exfoliating. Then, I slather myself up in mass quantities of moisturizer. Kind of like high school....NTB. :)


Anonymous said...

I use oil of olay cleanser that comes in a little pump. It has some of the all important grits that make me feel like I am getting really clean. I also use oil of olay moisturizer when I am done. I did cleanser product testing as a fundraiser for our babysitters girl scout troop and realized how specific I am on amount of foaming, scent, grit level so I am just sticking with my normal non fancy items.

Love that hubby is hooking you up wtb samples.

You may be thinking of H Mills as Miss Bliss, the teacher on early episodes of Saved by the Bell?


msh said...

i'm with cake. pretty much only wash my face in the shower. i blame this, and most of my other sad self-care routines, on my mom. my sister and i always say that she did not give us an example of someone who spent any time whatsoever on hair, makeup, etc. and we are the products of that. not that i'm complaining. look at all the time and money i save not doing much to make myself look pretty!

Amy said...

I do wash my face every night mainly because its so oily that if I don't I'm afraid I'd slip off the pillow. Sadly I use the same anti-bacterial soap that we use for washing our hands. Hmmm, come to think of it that might be why my face is so scaly and dry.

Love getting to read a post everyday!

E... said...

MEP, I'm going to side with you on the Miss Bliss show. It was a precursor to Saved By the Bell, with Zach and Mr. Belding but no one else. She may have also been on the early SBTB, but there was the separate show too.
I really never wash my face specifically. Funnily enough, this is one thing I don't even feel the slightest bit guilty about. Plenty of other things to fill that vessel.

CaraBee said...

I wash with Cetaphil. It's very gentle. And it's muy inexpensivo. (I'm not sure if that's actually a spanish word, but I'm going with it.) I have prescription creams for my skin, though, so I have to be a little more diligent.

Steph said...

I love this post! I just fell in love with Aveeno "ultra calming" face wash. Apparently, my skin has decided its super-sensitive these days.

PITA said...

I happened to sample the bliss products while staying at the W hotel as well. They were delightful. I use a Neutrogena grapefruit scented cleanser. It is foaming and I enjoy the aroma. I follow it up with the Aveeno ultra-calming lotion. Not wild about the scent, but is helping with the dryness/redness.

Annie said...

I have been using Neutrogena cream cleanser followed by a moisturizer since puberty. I have to say that I am guilty of rarely washing my face outside of the shower. However, this routine has kept my skin up pretty well for years...not to brag.

Red Velvet said...

Love this post. I use an Aveeno product that has grainy bits in it - feels great. Love it. I SO love Bliss products. Fun that Troy brings them home for you! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Mercier's Tinted moisturizer. LOVE it. It is the best.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there was a show called, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" starring Haley Mills, Mark Paul Gossalaer, and Lark Voorhees. It takes place when Zach, Screech, and Lisa are in junior high. I'm disappointed in myself for having to look that up.

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