Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love the theaters where you can butter your own popcorn.

Entertainment Weekly's Holiday Movie Preview edition arrived here yesterday, and this morning's Chicago Tribune had a winter movie preview section as well.

What must it be like to live a life where you actually need to plan and strategize for what movies (plural) you are going to see in the upcoming months?!

I can name every movie I have seen in the theater since 2005.

2005, pregnant with Bub: Walk the Line

2006, about to have Bub any minute: Casanova

2007 (I think): The Pursuit of Happyness [sic]

2008, pregnant with Little Bit: Juno

2009: The Proposal

It's possible I may be forgetting one or two films, but I sincerely doubt it. Hubby and I don't go to the movies because it just doesn't seem like the ideal use of paid babysitter time. We'd rather eat well, talk to each other, and/or hang out with friends. I could arrange to go to the movies during the week after hubby gets home, but that would require advanced planning and energy and effort. I could volunteer to take Bub to his first movie, except hubby wants to take him too so it's a stalemate there unless we arrange child care for Little Bit ( who is definitely not ready for the movies).

The point is that it will be a holiday miracle if I see even one movie in the next couple of months.

In case opportunity knocks, here are the movies I'd be interested in pairing with my extra large bucket of self-buttered popcorn and a large Diet Coke:

It's Complicated with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep -- most likely candidate because it is a comedy. I go to the movies so rarely that I tend to want the experience to be a fun escape. Also, I really enjoy Alec Baldwin even though he is probably an asshole in real life.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant -- Scratch what I said above. This movie about a married couple in a witness protection program would be number one on my list. I will forgive Hugh anything.

The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock -- I haven't read The Blind Side, but hubby enjoyed the book. It's not often that hubby and I are willing to see the same movie so this is a good candidate as well. Plus, I like Sandra Bullock and am fond of heartwarming stories.

A Single Man with Colin Firth -- Colin Firth. Enough said.

Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera. Michael Cera. Enough said.

I know that seeing The Road with Viggo Mortensen would be powerful, and I feel drawn to/obligated to see Precious (Oprah factor, Mariah Carey with mustache, Mo'Nique in dramatic role), but I don't know if I can get through that kind of gut-wrenching stuff right now. Though, I have to say that Owen Gleiberman's review of Precious in EW does make want to try to see the film. Gleiberman writes, "Sometimes, a movie has to take you down--and I mean down, really far--to lift you up. Precious is that kind of movie." Then, at the end of the review, he writes, "It's a potent and moving experience, because by the end you feel you've witnessed nothing less than the birth of a soul." My soul could probably use that kind of movie-watching experience.

At the theater around the corner from us, people were lined up to see Antichrist, but I will not be joining that line. It's just not for me.

I would see New Moon as I enjoyed the Twilight movie and think that Taylor Lautner is cute, but I'm happy to wait for the DVD too.

If Bub were old enough, I would take him to see Jim Carrey in Disney's A Christmas Carol, but it sounds like it's a teense scary.

If we do take Bub to the movies this holiday season, I can see us ending up at either The Princess and the Frog (with his cousins) or Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (he's seen the first one many times and loves it except when Alvin says stupid: "Mommy, that not nice to say 'stupid.'").

So, what's on your holiday movie season wish list? What are the chances you will actually see a movie in the theaters?


Nap Warden said...

OMG...Miss Peach is ALL over Princess and the Frog!

CaraBee said...

You know, at first I liked the whole butter your own popcorn thing, but lately not so much. The problem is that you can't get butter on the bottom part. So it's all buttery on top and bland on bottom. Maybe I should ask for an extra bag so I can toss half in there and get a full buttering experience.

We saw The Men Who Stare At Goats this weekend. It was alright. Not nearly as bad as EW said it was. We go to movies once a month or so. Neil's parents are really great about watching Sophie, so we get a date night most weeks and we both love movies, so, that's often what we do.

Amy said...

We just saw "Where the Wild Things Are" this weekend (wait for the DVD)and I am planning on "New Moon" without child or hubby, but next family movie probably will be the Chipmunk sequel. *Note: Annika also points out that Alvin has used the word "stupid"--at least we know they are listening to us. : )

Anonymous said...

We don't go to movies very often either. I know I saw "Sex and the City" and "Knocked Up" in the theater. Most of the time, I just use the "save" feature on Netflix and wait for the DVD.

I love, love, love movies. But, I also love being in my nightie and being able to enjoy a glass of wine while lounging on the couch. :) So, I doubt I will see any of the holiday releases in the actual theater.


Actchy said...

I never went to the movies before I had a baby, and so the current trend is the same. But I do like movies. I'm not sure why I never went.

Everybody in NYC, in terms of print, is obsessed with "Precious."

I am taking this opportunity to feel badly, again, that when The Vice Principal and I went to see "Traveling Pants" all those years ago, we didn't take your pregnant-with-Bub self along. Although may I add, again, that it was *ridiculous*, I have no idea why we went, and my eyes nearly spun out of my head from rolling so frequently.

E... said...

Finally got my EW in the mail TODAY and am wondering why my mailman hates me and makes me wait until Monday about half the time.
I think the last movie I saw in the theater was Sideways, and I am only half joking. J. doesn't like to deal with people in theatres, though he has taken O. to his only two movies -- Madagascar 2 and Ice Age 3.
We will be waiting for whatever we can agree on when it comes out on pay per view or the Red Box, though J. has recently called haitus to anything with "that same art all those movies you like use" referring to that Juno-esque early 80's graphic cartoon style in the opening sequence. Thus, we compromise on something like The Proposal, which of course was fine, just not great.

PITA said...

I enjoy going to the movies, but I just dont attend that many unfortunately. The last movie I saw in the theatre was The Hangover, which I found entertaining. All listed on holiday movie list sound like movies I would enjoy. I too, love Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Michael Cera!

Anonymous said...

the last movie I saw in the theatre was high school musical 3. I can't even say that I am familiar with the butter your own popcorn option. We a new family tradition of movie night at home on Friday nights. The girls get a kick out of turning off the lights and eating popcorn while we watch whatever they've picked out at the library that week. LAP

Anonymous said...

MEP, I find it hard to believe that we haven't been to a movie together since 2005. What about that time we went to the movie at Century Mall and you had to pay because all I had in my enormous purse was a warm yogurt? That had to be in the last 4 years.

btw, I read the book Push for a sociology class at ND. Based on what I remember about the book, I can not recommend the film for a pregnant woman, or a mother for that matter...very upsetting, though I, too, am intrigued by Mariah's moustache.

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