Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still All Thumbs on Thursdays

ATT = All Thumbs Thursday

Thumbs Up
* weather in the 60s today -- feels amazing!

* finally starting the episodes of Life Unexpected that have been building up in my DVR and am really enjoying the show -- Baze is so cute!

* also, speaking of television, are you watching Community? If not, consider it. Definitely some laugh-out-loud moments on that show -- plus, Joel McHale is cute and hilarious!

* dipping into the candy purchased for Easter -- loving the vanilla tootsie rolls and the mini Twix bars

* automatic doors on the new mini-van -- where has this feature been all my life?!

* fact that Bub can belt himself into his new booster seat!

* peanut butter pie I made in honor of my 35th birthday this past Monday -- delicious and easy (no baking required)!

* birthday messages on Facebook

* we've got a date for Sweet P's entrance into this beautiful world plus the real possibility that she may show up on her own schedule before that date -- we'll be ready!

* Xavier and Notre Dame in the tournament! Woo hoo!

Thumbs Down
* rain in the forecast for Saturday and snow for Sunday -- boo hiss.

* miscommunication regarding plans for dinner on my birthday -- I assumed we would order carry out and hubby would pick it up. He thought he heard me say I was planning to cook something special . . . for my own birthday. Bummer.

* tons of good books on my to-read list right now, but finding myself too tired in the evening to read for very long

* Little Bit's biting my arm so hard yesterday that it bruised immediately and hurt like the devil.

Okay, what about you? Leave your ATT list in the comments or link to your own Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down post!


Heather said...

How is it Thursday again already?!

Hope your arm is better.

Yay for a due date! It's so nice to have a light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel, so to speak.

Me? Hmmm...

Thumbs up for beautiful spring weather, sunshine and playing outside.

Thumbs down for Gabe not being able to resist playing in the creek, making for lots of extra laundry for me.

That's all I've got. Hope the snow stays away this weekend. Spring starts Saturday, dontcha know? Somebody needs to let Mother Nature know.

CaraBee said...

I love Community! Joel McHale definitely is a cutie patootie!

I was in a friend's minivan the other day and they did the auto door thingie. I was awed and amazed. It kinda made me want one. Kinda.

SNOW! Ugh. Say it ain't so!

My word verification: cloglic. I am delighting in that in a very juvenile way.

LAP said...

Nice playdate with new mom friend who also has three girls.
Beautiful weather and nice kids around to play with.
Wook sleeping 11 hours straight last night, not so much as a peep. (though I have most certainly just jinxed myself for tonight)
The common thread that is the NCAA tournament
Excitement building for Swiper's birthday
Looking forward to pedicures with my mom, Fancy, and Swiper on Sat.

My itunes not moved over to my new computer yet
Fancy's "friend" being mean to ber at gymnastics
My college babysitter who has been unavailable to help out at all during the week for the past MONTH. I continue to stalk her via text anyway. (which she assures me is not what is keeping her away)
A bit of a sore throat...hoping it doesn't progress into anything more

dusty earth mother said...

Thumbs up for your birthday, Mep! (What did you end up eating, anyway?)

Stacia said...

Huge thumbs-up for Easter candy. Of the Cadbury variety. Thumbs-down: I'm going to be so tired tomorrow. Sleep, where are you?? (Happy Birthday!)

Amy said...

Thumbs up: Spring like weather for almost a week

Planning our family vacation

Thumbs down: the itchy eyes, running nose of allergies that come with spring in Austin.

the crazy traffic that will start again next week once spring break is over.

dusty earth mother said...

hi mep! i grew up in oak lawn. where are you?

Melissa Walters said...

reese's peanut butter eggs and my peeps are in the house!

brady's getting his first basket with a sweet little lamb :)

planning a trip to my parents condo in florida this summer..which equals free..

getting out of the house in this warm weather.

brady had his first bug where everything on his insides wanted to come out..yuck.

spring=yard work. I hate touching dirt and bugs.and sweating outside.
but I also hate looking at all the weeds and overgrown bushes.

the weight I will not lose due to easter candy.

Nap Warden said...

Thumbs up...the weather last week.

Thumbs down...the way it's been since then:(

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up...

the spring weather

Vincent talking more

Gretchen reading to V and M at bedtime.

Getting organized somewhat before the baby arrives.

Trying a few new recipes in the crockpot that everyone has been willing to eat.

A successful trip to Great Wolf Lodge with my family.

Getting new glasses.

Thumbs down...

Taking away the pacifiers from Vincent and creating a little monster

Molly and Vincent having continual colds throughout the month.

My Mom's broken bone in her foot.

My sister's trip to Target.

My tiredness.

Thanks for making me see the positive side of my life!


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