Saturday, March 27, 2010

Instead of a Pissy Pants Post

Earlier this month, I made a commitment to a little something I called March Gladness -- the plan was to be as positive, calm, and hopeful as possible and to try to post on NTB every day for the month of March. (Photo caption: Look at me being glad!)

On the positive, calm, and hopeful front, I think I've done pretty well. There have been some tough days and moments this month, but I've managed nicely enough, NTB, considering my size and inability to tie my shoes, my lack of energy and clothes to wear, and the fact that I have had to keep my house at a standard of cleanliness and tidiness that far exceeds the norm around here.

I skipped a few days of posting, but that's okay too. Similar to when I participated in NaBloPoMo in November, posting every day starts to feel kind of unnatural after a week or so. If you're having an ick day, you sometimes don't feel like blogging and/or would prefer not to blog about what was so icky so as not to look like a whiney, ungrateful snot-nose. You know? But then, you feel obligated to come up with something to say and then you feel a little fake about whatever you wrote instead of what was really on your mind. And by "you" I mean "I."

Also, it's inevitable (at least for me) that when posting every day, quality ends up getting sacrificed for quantity. I'm not fishing for protests/compliments here, just stating the reality.

Anyway, there is no point to all of this rambling except to say that I cannot believe that March is almost over, that the new baby is almost here, that the promise of spring is becoming less and less empty.

Earlier today, I was writing a post in my head inspired by something that really got on my nerves at the YMCA this afternoon. The tone of the post would have ended up really Pissy Pants though so I will just make one statement and leave it at that: I do not believe that lifeguards should be checking and responding to messages on Blackberries while sitting in the lifeguard chair and supervising open swim. That is all.

So, let's get back to March Gladness. Here is a list of recent happenings that have made me smile, laugh, and/or generally be glad to be living my life:

* Little Bit's new obsession with Bub's underwear. After I get the boys in their jammies every night, Little Bit's new habit is to get out a pair of Bub's underwear (we keep them in a basket in the cabinet under the television--don't ask, works for us) and then have me help him put them on over his pajama pants. He then prances around like a real big boy with his triple layer of diaper, pj pants, and big boy pants. It makes me smile all over again when he awakes in the morning with the undies still on.

* Although it was annoying to clean up, it was also amusing earlier this evening when Bub sprayed Little Bit's newly-washed hair with PAM cooking spray. Luckily, none got in Little Bit's eyes and his hair does have a nice sheen now, I will admit. If you are worried about lax discipline around here, Bub did receive a time out for his use of nontraditional styling product.

* I have not packed my hospital bag yet, mostly because it does not really take that long and we only live ten minutes from the hospital. I know where the cameras are, and I figure anything else can be thrown in a bag in a few minutes. However, the longer I wait to pack it, the more times I will have to hear my hubby refer to the bag as a "go bag." For some reason, each time he asks if I've got the "go bag" ready, I just want to laugh and cringe. Not sure why. I do plan to pack the "go bag" tomorrow and then make multiple references to the readiness of said "go bag."

* A favorite pre-bedtime game has been revived around here. Hubby and Bub used to enjoy a game they called "Playin' Doggies," and now it is a game that Little Bit can play too. Basically, it involves all three of them crawling around on the floor and pretending to be doggies by barking, panting, and begging for attention. My role is to sit on the couch and pet the doggies, scratch them behind their ears, and repeatedly say "Good doggie." Family fun at its finest.

* As part of my As Seen on TV silent auction haul, we now own a copy of Kidz Bop 17 which is in our mini-van. Bub makes me smile every time he asks, "Can we listen to Kidz Bop 17?" because it amuses me that he remember the specific item title. The first track of Kidz Bop 17 is a cover of "Party in the USA," and I love to hear Bub singing along and to turn around and see him grooving in his booster. I admit that I sing along too! How can you not?

Okay, so that's some of the March Gladness around here. What's making you glad to be living your life these days?


Stacia said...

PAM for a little extra shine ... Gonna have to try that. Also, I love the idea of a good game of Doggies. Gonna have to try that, too. As for Kidz Bop 17, does Bub "nod his head like yeah"? And you, too?? I know I always do. =>

Heather said...

You make me smile. The image of your little guy with the underwear on over his pj's is priceless. And I love Party in the USA, too, much to my oldest son's chagrin...

I have so many reasons to be happy with my life right now, it seems like tempting fate to even type them here. A great husband, healthy and awesome kids, a nice home, a good job, my health, lots of friends, my sisters, enough money to pay the bills with some left over for fun stuff...God has filled my cup to overflowing, and I am so grateful for every little gift He has given me.

Great post; I like March Gladness!

E... said...

I have been loving March Gladness!

Mine prefer "horsies" to "doggies" Perhaps it's the animal you covet that you impersonate?

Yesterday O. and J. got a new Wii game: Star Wars Lego, and I enjoyed watching O. pretend to wield a lightsaber around the family room, though I suspect it could get old quickly.

The kids, my mom and I are taking a trip to visit my grandma, aunt and my cousin this week and I'm loving how excited the kids are to be "roadtripping" and "sleeping over"

dusty earth mother said...

definitely have been enjoying march gladness, dear Mep. I have been glad myself about a new writing job I just got and about a (shhh!) surprise party that i'm planning for my hubby's 40th.

Loved the Pam hairspray, too.

LAP said...

Really enjoyed the moments of gladness you shared. Bub being reprimanded for use of a nontraditional styling product is cracking me up. BB was also having a hard time picturing hubby as a doggie, but personally, I can see him getting into character for that.

Gladness here is:

*Swiper wearing her new "skinny jeans" (aka leggings that look like demin) for 5 straight days because she loves them so much. I especially enjoy when she invites people to check our her "skinny jeans" as she beams proudly

*Delightful gathering with old friends last night

*Waking up each morning in full appreciation that I am finally getting to sleep through the night (only took 14 months)

*Excitement for the upcoming birth of my niece Sweet P:)

PITA said...

I love March Gladness! There are so many things about this post that make me smile. I think I love your role in the Doggies game. I think I have seen it actually in action with bub and the hubby.

Also I have seen Bub's moves and they are pretty sweet. I have no trouble picturing him jammin' in the new ride.

I, too, am pumped for the arrival of my niece Sweet P!

CaraBee said...

I bought some stuff to make hair shine the other day. Turns out it's pretty much straight olive oil. So Bub is actually on the right track. Although I'm betting my stuff probably smelled just a teensy bit better.

I didn't pack my hospital bag until the day we went to the hospital. As it was, I used almost none of it. That's the advice I give to new mothers, not that you need it as a two time veteran of the process. Neil nagged me about it incessantly, too. It must be a daddy thing.

I am glad for my beautiful, outgoing, smart little girl; my handsome and supportive husband; and all of my wonderful friends who help keep me sane.

sarah d said...

Good post. I am lol-ing.

cake said...

you make me smile too, and so does bub, in that he reminds me a bit of cosmo, especially the part about "kidz bop 17." a few months ago (okay, maybe closer to a year?) we were playing a game called "samarost" on the computer(a beautiful, completely awesome, casual game). then we moved on to "samarost II," and went ahead and paid for the full version, so we could play the whole thing. it cracked me up when cosmo would say, "mama, can we play samarost two, full-version?"

so, do you have your "go bag" packed yet? hope so. i'll be thinking of you.

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