Thursday, March 25, 2010

Change Up

It's All Thumbs Thursday Again and this week I'm adjusting the format. Try to keep up!

Thumbs Up . . . Thumbs Down

We've had a lot of showings of our house the past few weeks, including two more so far for this weekend . . . no offers yet

Mini Twix bars . . . possibly empty Easter baskets

Convenience and ease of ordering on Amazon . . . credit card bills for Visa card

Bub now has a suburban and city preschool option so that we are set for next school year regardless of house sale . . . both spots secured with nonrefundable deposits

Delightful Bumble and Bumble hair powder to cover gray roots . . . unable to locate said powder anywhere in recently semi-decluttered house

Have health insurance that allows me to get new prenatal vitamins for reasonable cost . . . mail order system has thus far taken over three weeks and still no new vitamins and some rude customer service!

Meyer's soap and cleaning products purchased at Target that smell absolutely divine and totally give me a lift while cleaning and/or washing my hands . . . a bit pricier than average cleansers (but not a major thumbs down as I am really loving these products)

That's All, folks! What's Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down in your world?


kenz said...

Xavier up 1 at the half on Kansas St.....It's already almost 11 and I have to up for work at 5am. Oh myy that is a big thumb down

Stacia said...

Down: Germs.

Up: Robitussin, OJ, Puffs with lotion, the heating pad, and a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie marathon. Night-night! =>

Heather said...

Up: Last day of School before spring break.

Down: Woke up to snow on the ground...wth?!

LAP said...

Got invited to a friends box at a hockey game's one of the rare Sat nights when we already have plans so we can't go.

Great game by XU last night even if they lost...Facebook locals gloating that the hometown team lost.

CaraBee said...

It stopped raining and the sun is shining....It's COLD.

A Kansas team is in the Elite Eight....It's the much hated rival of MY school KU. Stupid K-State.

Having my husband home with me for the next three days....we probably still won't get much done.

dusty earth mother said...

My daughter was an absolute sweetheart make up for being the Devil for four days in a row.

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