Thursday, March 4, 2010

All Thumbs Thursday

Thumbs Up
* Girl Scout Cookies, enjoyed in moderation (I don't typically endorse snack food moderation, but I made myself sick eating samoas earlier this week)

* Einstein's Bagels -- it's my go-to place when I have a little time to myself and need a bite, love the bagels and the fountain Diet Cokes

* Sunshine!

* doing pink laundry (see above)

* Jim and Pam are having a baby -- tonight!!!!!!

* Hubby not traveling at all this week (except for day trip tomorrow) and his helping with Bub's school drop-off the past two mornings

* newly-0pened Qdoba with parking -- not yet sure how it stacks up against Chipotle in the grand scheme, but I am loving the variety of sauces so far!

* Bub's school fundraiser tomorrow night -- I love that it is nothing fancy--no ballrooms rented, no fancy duds, no banquet food--just school gym, draft beer, jeans . . . rocking it Old School Catholic School style.

* Blogtrotting -- check it out if you haven' t yet!

* Amazon customer service. I found cracks in my Kindle (due to defective cover, they told me), and the friendliest man ever arranged to send me a brand new one and a credit to get a new cover. And, would you believe, the new covers come in pink!!!! It only took minutes and I was never made to feel as if I did anything wrong (which I didn't, but still)

Thumbs Down
* getting less sleep than I need and want

* having the phrase "I have nothing to wear" become more and more true each day

* the fact that despite a new battery and power cord, my MacBook now loses power immediately if the power cord becomes disconnected (Dear Apple: Please read above note about Amazon)

* Kate Gosselin's hair extensions

* the fact that Kate Gosselin is doing Dancing With the Stars (I know I shouldn't be judging, but I am and don't think it's the best choice for a more-or-less single mother of eight smallish children)

* feeling pressure to cook a particular meal that no longer sounds good since you have purchased the perishable ingredients -- shredded barbecue chicken sammies and coleslaw, here we come, thanks to the buns and cole slaw mix already procured.

What are you all thumbs over this Thursday? Share in the comments or blog about your own list (include link in comments so others can visit).


Stacia said...

Fountain sodas ... Why do they taste so much better??

Thumbs up: Eating Samoas vicariously through the blogosphere. Thumbs down: See above word "vicariously."

Heather said...

I like this idea...

I am with you on the Kate G on DWTS; does the girl even have rhythm? I don't watch it, so I don't have to worry about it, but still.

Thumbs up today for: sunshine, even if there is still snow on the ground; homemade chicken and rice soup, which every single one of my kids ate without complaint and even asked for seconds; being off work until Monday night.

Thumbs down: my worst cold of the season, just as winter is winding down; 10 extra pounds, due to lack of exercise and self-control this winter (damn snow); spending the day doing laundry instead of scrapbooking or watching Lost episodes (housework makes me sigh).

Enjoy the barbeque (I LOVE cole slaw!)

Actchy said...

Thumbs up: Chobani greek yogurt, new LL Bean slippers, and an upcoming weekend with no plans.

Thumbs down: Two bricked naps today by Acey, and the fact that my hair seems to be entering uncharted territory with respect to texture.

PS: Have stolen the term "bricking a nap" from you and have made it my own.

dusty earth mother said...

Always 'good times' on your site, Mep.

Thumbs up: Figured out to hide in my room to escape copious amounts of girl scout cookies downstairs, "Loved it!" reply from development person at Universal about latest screenplay, daughter did her work today at Kindergarten and got to go to the "treasure chest" for reward.

Thumbs down: Nasty bronchitis and cracked rib from coughing, extra fifteen pounds left over from holidays and goin' nowhere fast because I can't exercise with cracked rib, TWO GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE 120 CALORIES? WHAT??!

LAP said...

Thumbs up:

celebrating my husbands bday with him for the 11th year in a row (though, God love him, he seemed appreciative of the less than glamourous festivities.).

Weather reports that included the phrase "57 and sunny" in the new few days

The new tablecloth and placemat I got from Target yesterday. I feel happy every time I look at them

people who return emails right away even when you send them at 11pm (especially when the response frees you from unnecessary worry)

Thumbs Down:

the horrible odor I can not find the source of in my laundry room

an early exit from dinner when swiped spilled her drink all over her lap at the restaurant

lost keys

no Internet for most of the day

Thumbs down

E... said...

I think the pink laundry and accompanying photo is my favorite from your list!

You can check out my own list over at Small World:

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

I completely forgot about The Office last night! DANG.

Also, Kate Gosselin? How could she have time, I don't want to judge either, but doesn't it require like 15 hours a day of training?

Steph said...

Thumbs up - crocus popping up in the front yard!

Thumbs down - Loooong meetings.

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