Thursday, March 11, 2010

ATT: Twins? Nope. Thanks though.

ATT = All Thumbs Thursday

Thumbs Up
* St. Patrick's Day photo shoot -- it's 50/50 whether I manage to use the photos for St. Pat's cards as planned, but at least I completed the first step

* yesterday's visit to the park -- sunshine, fresh air, no coats!

* mini-van shopping trip planned for this weekend -- the shopping is not a thumbs up, but the promise of a van (and of becoming a two-car household) is!

* this crockpot recipe for Meatballs in Chile Peanut Sauce -- easy, different, and delicious! I added red and yellow peppers and served on rice

* Season 5 in Gilmore Girls -- Luke and Lorelai are finally together, and I am loving it!!!!

* Hubby not traveling this month! Woo hoo!

* New blogs that I am loving: This Is the Day, Dusty Earth Mother, and My Fluffy Bunnies . . . check them out! I'll be updating my Blogroll soon!

Thumbs Down
* rain (but better than snow so don't consider it a thumb way down)

* all of Bub's pants are suddenly too short -- as a tall girl, I am very phobic of flood pants

* once again did not get my money's worth out of Netflix account -- put it on hold again after not watching 500 Days of Summer for at least 45 days of winter (note to self: MEP, you don't watch movies these days. Quit kidding yourself.)

* laundry -- why is laundry never finished? really, the whole family would have to spend a day naked or wearing disposable clothes in order for us to be officially caught up

* recent realization that card-making supplies are in storage so will have to procure new ones if I want to make St. Pat's Day cards with boys

Big Thumbs Down
* Friendly stranger who asked about my due date, assessed my belly, and asked, "Twins?"

What's Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down in your world? Share your list in the comments or a link to your own All Thumbs post!


Heather said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out!

I got the twins question with all three of my pregnancies. Made me wanna punch somebody some days...

Thumbs up? Saved over $100 in coupons/plus card savings at Kroger today. Holla!

Thumbs down? Gabe cried throughout his haircut today at the barber shop (the kid hates haircuts, swear he's gonna be a hippie someday, just to avoid getting his locks snipped).

Big thumbs down? Gabe has had diarrhea all afternoon, with stomach "cranks" (cramps). PRAYING that this is a fluke and not a sign of how the rest of our family will be spending the weekend.

Love your ATT!

Actchy said...

Thumbs up: Determining with some confidence (and the help of the pediatrician) the reason for Acey's near 2 months of diahhrea.

Thumb down: Realizing I was partially to blame, as I took the suggestion to "take him off cow's milk and put him on rice milk" to mean "take him off cow's milk and put him on soy milk." Who knew sensitivity to cows holds hands with that to soy?

Other thumb down: Missing MEP's call today, while on hold with cable company, and cutting Acey's nap short with raised voice while speaking to cable company representative.

Actchy said...

Oh, wait! Other thumb up: Answering later call from MEP only to discover that she inadvertantly called me while in the midst of a conversation with Little Bit.

CaraBee said...

Seriously, are there that many foot-in-mouth people out there? I got asked if I was carrying twins no less than 3 times. Talk about an ego boost. I would NEVER ask someone that.

Thumbs up: Sunshiney, spring days. Antibiotics kicking in. Super soft tissues.

Thumbs down: Toddler. Puke. Dinner table. 'Nuff said.

E... said...

Something just must fritz out in people's minds when they see pregnant belly. I grew SO tired of "Wow. You look just ready to pop!" and my favorite "you must be having a girl, b/c you're fat all over."
Thumbs Up/Down soon to be written over at small world, I hope!

PITA said...

Thumbs up for seeing those adorable faces in their St. Patty's gear!

Thumbs down for the sinus headache I have had all day, which feels like someone is stabbing me in the actual eyeball.

Stacia said...

My former boss said to me, right before my daughter was born, "Wow, your nose is huge! I bet you'll go into labor any day now." Yeah, thanks. Big thumbs down to "friendly" comments like that and the twins one. But big thumbs up for blog love from MEP. (Thanks!!)

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up:
getting more than a 40 minute nap from wook for the first time this week.
Kidsplaying outside with neighborhood friends...makes me feel like Ward and June could call the Beav into dinner at any time
an outing to the mall that helped pass a rainy afternoon (and a mom who insisted on meeting me there)
two social invites in my inbox each for a fun girls night out
new gate system to keep the home office off limits

Thumbs down
day 5 of diaherria for 14 mo old wookie including an episode that required new pants at mall outing mentioned above
laundry that won't put itself away

Anonymous said...

That was me above, thumbs down to technical difficulties
on my itouch. LAP

dusty earth mother said...

Mep! You gave me a plug! It's my first one... I'm so honored. Thanks, pal.

And I wasn't tall, but I still hated flood pants. I understand.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Twins. Ahhhh... That comment never gets old, does it? The best part is when I would say no and they'd say "Really? You sure?"

As if I'd forgotten the number of children within my womb or something...

kenz said...

Thumbs up...Vacation in Kiawah Island SC

Thumbs down....leaving :(

Steph said...

I, too, am loving these thumbs!

dusty earth mother said...

hey mep! the writing workshop is on thursdays at

It's really fun, check it out

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