Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful? Who me?

NTB, but I received this Beautiful Blogger Award from Dusty Earth Mother. Her kind words and shout out really made my day!

My tasks are now twofold. I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you probably don't know and to give this award to eight other bloggers.

Since I've been blogging for almost three years now, I feel like it's going to be tough to come up with seven things about myself that I haven't already mentioned/bored you to tears with/annoyed you with.

I wish, like Dusty Earth Mother, I could tell you that I auditioned for Molly Ringwald's part in The Breakfast Club and met John Hughes. But I didn't. How cool is that she did?

Anyway, here's a list of seven things I've already mentioned but that might bear repeating.

1. I am an audiobook junkie. Love, love, love them and you can read all the reasons why I am obsessed with audiobooks. I am currently listening to Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson, in case you are wondering.

2. I could eat pizza every single day. I am not as obsessed with Lean Cuisine pizzas as I once was (though I still rock them from time to time), but pizza in general, I adore. One of the most beautiful things hubby has done for me over the course of our relationship is introduce me to the delights of frozen pizza. Tonight's meal? Culinary Circle Rising Crust Supreme Pizza. I eat three pieces; he eats the other five.

3. I am going through something strange with my reality television viewing. Last season I found I had no energy/patience/interest in my formerly beloved Dancing with the Stars, and this season does not seem to be hooking me either. I find myself fast forwarding each DVRd episode of The Biggest Loser to the end to see the progress of the recently-booted player and then deleting the whole thing. I have the entire new season of Project Runway just sitting in the DVR. I guess I'm saving it for late night nursing in a couple of weeks? NTB, but you know that I made a clean break with the entire Real Housewives franchise well over a year ago. Don't. miss. those. women. at. all.

4. My gray roots are long and obvious right now, and I am almost embarrassed to be seen in public. I have an appointment on Sunday and cannot wait to get those puppies covered. See photo evidence below.

5. I recently unfriended someone on Facebook for the first time ever. I have hidden people before, including someone who mentioned her bowel movements a few too many times for my taste, but never unfriended. I actually like this person fine, but the tone and content of a few of her status updates over the past few months has really irked me and tempted me to write something really rude/snide in response that I would surely regret. So, I just thought, better to end this. I do feel badly about it though. Also, I recently figured out that I was unfriended and spent way too much time trying to figure out by whom. I did get to the bottom of it, and I'm okay with it, but it does sting a bit.

6. I just picked up Living Oprah by Robyn Okrant from my local library, where I had been on a waiting list. I'm so excited to read about this blogger who spent a year trying to follow all of Oprah's advice. I would totally love to have a really cool idea for a blog that also turned into a book. I'll let you know how this book is.

7. It will take me forever to give the Beautiful Blogger award to eight other bloggers because I will be afraid to hurt anyone's feelings. And yes, I know that it's kind of egomaniacal of me to imagine that there are multiple bloggers waiting with baited breath to see if MEP has an award for them. Also, I want to see how the bribes and flattery play out.

So, there are seven things. Tell me 1-7 things about yourself, how 'bout?

Beautiful? Who me?


Stacia said...

Roots? Where? No way. Also, have you listened to the Harry Potter books on audiotape? The guy who reads them is amazing. They make our 16-hour holiday drive to see family fly by. Well, as much as 16 hours in a car with two small children can.

Sharon Byrne said...

I see your vague roots and raise you total salt-and-pepper hair (at the age of 35). It would be much more fun if it was Salt-N-Peppa hair I think.

Congratulations on the Beautiful Blogger Award!! It totally fits!

By the way, I have been defriended. By someone I did not care for at all. It still stung. (I sooo wanted to say "Hey! I don't like you, but how can you possibly not like ME?!" How's that for attention-hoggy. Ha!)

Miss Welcome said...

I was unfriended by an ex-boyfriend. I'm hoping it's because he saw how cool I was and was pining away in agony that he lost me, ha ha

I need to get my roots done too. It's on the sides - so obvious!

E... said...

I've unfriended and also been unfriended -- I think I've shared with you the pain that being unfriended caused me. Still stinging from the one.
I'm with you on the audiobooks of course. Currently re-reading Time Traveler's Wife that way, and am working on a podcast post to share with you the joys of that medium.
I hope you get in your appt. before Sweet P's arrival, though really, I think it looks fine. Considering some highlights myself.

Heather said...

I quit Facebook altogether, the time-suck that it is. Really simplified things...

You ARE a beautiful blogger and totally deserve that award. And since I've only been reading since the birth of blogtrotting, all those stories are new to me :)

My roots are worse than yours, believe it or not. Getting my hair-did this weekend. Hate spending so much money, but love having highlights and a fresh cut.

Only two more weeks?! You're in the home stretch, girlfriend! Good for you!

Steph said...

Yay for your award! And hang in there!

Actchy said...

You know, ever since Acey's arrival, I've discovered far more greys, NTB. My hair dresser likes to point them out (as if I wouldn't see them, regardless of the insanity that is the rest of my hair) and strategize as to what "we" will do to cover them "when I am ready."

dusty earth mother said...

You go with those gray roots, Mep! So glad I could award you, but you so deserved it. So take this bloggy-love with you into labor and delivery and maybe you'll pop a writer!


brainella said...

Gray roots? I have gray eyelashes. And plucking those things out hurts and you look ridiculous. Trust me.

You are a much nicer person than I am; I un-friend people all the time. Mostly people I've not seen or heard from in 20 years that I really don't WANT to know about. I'm not as sweet as I used to be. :)

CaraBee said...

As you know, I did my first unfriending today. It was very liberating. Having that a-hole out of my life, ahhh, feels so good. I can't imagine why anyone would unfriend you, though.

I can't even see the roots. For real. You ARE beautfiul!

The Empress said...

Congrats on the Beautiful Blogger Award! It's interesting to find out interesting things about others, isn't it? Happy to have found you through DEM. I'm like you, interested in Living Oprah...let me know what you think. And there are so many ideas for blog living. I just found a woman who is spending a year doing/learning something new every day. She's on Day something right now...she's listed on my sidebar, can't remember. Anyway, today she is going to a martial arts class for the firs time!!

cake said...

re: #5, i totally know what you mean about feeling the urge to write something snarky on someone's status update. i have to restrain myself again and again for certain people. also, i don't understand why people i barely knew in grad school want to be FB friends with me. i often ignore requests for friends, and i do hide people, but so far, i haven't unfriended. it would be tough for me too. i have heard there are ways to do it without it being obvious. but, i am not sure about that.

i don't see the gray roots. at all.

i see only the beauty, in you, and your blog!

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