Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RWOP: I wreath I can, I wreath I can

My Real Women of Pinterest offering for today is a bit weak, but you can't win them all!

Excepting the company of a spider web from Walgreens back in October, our front door has been pretty lonely since we moved in. We needed a wreath. Now, I would very much like to order a wreath from the Williams Sonoma catalog, but I can't justify that purchase at this time ... or possibly ever.

Enter Pinterest. I saw a tutorial on making a wreath from strips of fabric. Unable to locate the big bag of fabric I absolutely could not get rid of before the move, I decided I would use a similar technique using some ribbon I did know where to find.

I didn't photograph my process, but here it is:

1. Find an inexpensive and not-too-thick wreath. I found an off-white grapevine-esque wreath at Dollar Tree.

2. Choose some lovely ribbon. I chose a wide, wire-rimmed ribbon that I purchased at Costco (personally think their huge rolls of ribbon there are a good value).

3. Cut pieces of ribbon long enough to tie around the wreath and knot. Do this a bunch of times until the wreath is covered.

4. Fluff and arrange the ribbons as you wish.

I wasn't sure about the project as I was doing it so I think that uncertainty subconsciously made me stingy with the ribbon. I probably should add more, but I think it's okay as it is. Not the most beautiful wreath ever, but I'm not embarrassed to have it keep my door company.

If you've done some Pinteresting or Pinterest-esque stuff of late, please link your posts below! Don't have a blog? Feel free to email me with pictures of your projects so I can share: mep AT nottobrag DOT net.

Please check out and comment on the posts of those who have linked up below. Join in next week for another edition of Real Women of Pinterest.


Stacia said...

Hey, was that the same wreath tutorial I used? Yours looks fabulous. I love the colors! And I'm totally jealous of you and your bulk Costco ribbon. =>

Tricia said...

I think it turned out great!!

E... said...

Love it! I think it looks great.
I have a Pinterest post set to go tomorrow. I have no idea why not today. I cannot keep track of the days this week. Help.
Your Dollar Tree must be better than mine. I was there today and found nothing good to help me with my Pinteresting ways. Still spent 50 bucks on stocking stuffers and wrapping paper, though.

Anonymous said...

I really like the wreath. Another excellent Pinterest creation! I'm jealous of your Costco - we have nothing like that around here. Just Wal-Mart and a Dollar Tree.

I finally got my post done. See the post for the details on the lack of batteries for taking pictures of my awesome creations hahaha.

Now I have to find a project for next week!

Steph said...

Very cool!

Mandi said...

Awesome job on the wreath, I think it looks great! May have to pin that myself....!

Anonymous said...

I really like it!!

CaraBee said...

I love wreaths. As evidenced by my Pinterest board "Wreaths". I also love ribbon. Weird maybe, but honest to goodness, the ribbon aisle at the craft store makes me giddy. Maybe I'll make a small ribbon wreath to hang over the big mirror in the dining room. Hmm. Wheels are turning...

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