Friday, November 4, 2011

Sippy Cup Chapel

I promise that not every post will mention Pinterest, but here's a photograph of an old prayer that has been pinned by me, my sister, and a dear friend.
There are many moments in each day when it would be good for me (and thus for my kiddos) to pause and offer this prayer. There's certainly weariness, confusion, and noise to spare around here. I know my eyes are not always "gentle and smiling" but perhaps they will be tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, I printed this prayer and taped inside a cabinet door. It's the cabinet with the shelf that houses the children's cups. Several times a day, I stand at this cabinet trying to match cups with lids and keep track of who wants what. Regular milk in big boy cup with straw? Got it. Water with ice in a sippy but no, not in that one but that other one? Done. Can I have a sprite? No. I changed my mind and want chocolate now? Too late, well okay, actually not. Don't spill. Who needs more ketchup?
Anyway, since I stand there so often, especially at mealtimes when confusion, noise, and disorder are high, I taped the prayer there. I'm hoping it will remind me to pause and find patience, perspective, and joy in the moment.

What have you or would you like to tape inside your cabinets?


Leah B said...

MEP - I have missed you!! You posts last winter helped me make it through MANY night feedings. Thank you!!

E... said...

Love this idea. Maybe I'll tape it up too, and will say a prayer for both of us every time I get a sippy.
Right now I have O's daily schedule on the inside of my cupboard, so I can think about what he's doing during the school day. I also have small art treasures I couldn't part with, and the usual pizza numbers, allergy action plans, and the number of our cheap painter guy.
On the wall next to my fridge, I framed "This is Just to Say by Willam Carlos Williams, because I need some poetry in my day, too.

Tiffany said...

That is a wonderful prayer!!! I have soccer, lacrosse, basektball and horseback riding schedules...and their morning checklists on my cabinet!

Steph said...

Love where you posted this!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea to print this! I look at it frequently, but I'm going to print it and put it up beside my desk where I can be reminded of the importance of it.

LAP said...

Sometimes I wish there were a blog feature where I could simply "like" your posts, FB style:)

Incidently, I think the only thing we have taped inside our cabinets is the list of companies used on various parts of our house (plumbers, electrcians, etc). The builder put it there. Boring.

Tricia said...

LAP - There is a "like" option if MEP adds it. So are you the one that sometimes "likes" my posts? The funny thing is that the blogger can't see who clicks it!

MEP - Loved this...I'm printing it out and posting as well.

CaraBee said...

I should have this tattooed on my hand, so any time I am feeling frustrated I can look at it and remind myself to slow down. I think I will take your idea and put it in one of the cabinets. Or maybe right on the fridge.

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