Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture Lady in the House

I am visiting Bub's kindergarten class as part of a parent-sponsored Fine Arts Program.

At my grade school, this program was called "Picture Lady."

Tomorrow I am the Picture Lady. I feel old and yet strangely proud because I always found Picture Lady and the picture ladies themselves to be kind of awesome.

I'd say I was worried about doing something that would embarrass Bub, but the truth is that he is still so young, innocent, eager, and sweet that I doubt I could embarrass him if I tried. He is over-the-top excited that I'm coming to his classroom tomorrow.

And so am I.
Off to get some beauty rest and dream of Van Gogh's The Bedroom in my own.


brainella said...

I love going to my son's class. He is usually over-the-moon when it happens. I love it. I'm going to be the mystery reader in a few weeks -- Dominic doesn't even know. :)

LAP said...

Ahhh, Nita H and Terry S were our go-to grade school picture ladies. I remember thinking they must be really smart. I think the kids will get a big kick out of you personally, and I can only imagine how big Bub's smile is going to be when you prance in.

E... said...

Did you get to pick your own "picture", lady? You got a good one. I'm always amazed at how happy O. is to see me at his school when I'm able to get there, and how willing he is to run up and hug me in front of his friends. (He doesn't even hug me much at home!) Hope you had a fantastic time today!

Stacia said...

Fun, fun, fun! How did it go?

Beth WA said...

This reminds me that earlier this year My niece learned about Van Gogh in kindergarten she came home and told us about the artist VanGoo.
Beth WA

Anonymous said...

I read with Little Man's class every Tuesday morning and he is totally, over-the-top excited to have me there. Frumpy as I am these days, he has so much joy to see me there that it makes it doubly worth it to read with the kids.

I hope you had an awesome time being the "Picture Lady"!

CaraBee said...

Sophie's school is a coop, so I work with there at least one class a month. Most of what we do is just helping out the teacher, being an extra set of hands for her. But Sophie LOVES those days I'm there. She asks me every single school day if I'm coming to stay. While I cherish those hours to myself when she is at school, I really enjoy those hours I spend there with her.

Have fun! Can't wait to hear about your turn as Picture Lady!

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