Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RWOP: May the Force Be with YOU and you and you too ...

Welcome! It's time for the second week of Real Women of Pinterest. Please visit this blog and It's a Small World After All on Wednesdays to see Pinterest-inspired projects and link-up your own Pinterest-esque posts.

I've got a mountain of laundry to fold and four bags to pack for our Thanksgiving road trip so this post will be brief.

My son is obsessed with Star Wars. He received Star Wars bedding for his birthday back in June. This past weekend, he finally inherited his big brother's twin bed and was thus able to use that bedding.

I thought he could use a lamp. I thought it should be a Star Wars lamp.
We had an old lampshade that was slightly bent/cracked. I took photos of my son's bedding, printed them on full-sheet labels, did some cursory tracing and cutting, pulled the backing of the labels, and affixed to the lampshade.
If I had it to do over, I would have taken the time to cut a pattern out of plain paper before cutting out the labels. Then I could have avoided unsightly layered seams (see below). I also would have printed the labels on an inkjet printer and not a laser one. I think the colors would have been truer.
But, guess what? I can pull these easy-peasy labels off no problem and do it over if I want. I probably won't bother because really, it's pretty awesome, just as it is.

Not sure about the ethics of photographing the bedding, but I'm thinking: we paid for it and are enjoying this lamp in our own home, not trying to sell it or anything.

Let' s look at it one more time.
Link up your own Pinterest-inspired post below! Too busy with turkey day? Join us next Wednesday for the next installment of ... Real Women of Pinterest (RWOP).


Steph said...

I think it's pretty awesome!

Stacia said...

These aren't the seams you're looking for ...

Sorry, couldn't resist. And speaking of seams, I can't see them anyway. I bet you have one happy boy in your house. That lamp is cooler than the Millennium Falcon.

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog! Love it and I think the lamp is totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh MEP, you've outdone yourself again! Totally awesome!! You are so creative!

cake said...

i really had no idea you were so crafty. it is really nice. wow. brag away!

CaraBee said...

As an enthusiastic but untalented crafter and a Star Wars fan, I profess with unabashed delight that that lamp is awesome!! You are so crafty.

And I promise I will do a RWOP post soon. Just too much going on the last week or so.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to reopen the linky today? I've been saving up my post on my awesome votives ;)

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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