Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pretty Perfect Morning

Sweet P was up and at 'em early ... so I took the early train into the city and caught the sunrise.And on that train, I read this book and laughed aloud at least five times.
When the train arrived in Chicago, I walked the almost-empty streets and enjoyed the rare freedom of having no stroller to push and no little hands to hold.
Then all of a sudden on that almost-empty street, I crossed paths with two of my sister LAP's good college friends. LAP's roommate's son took a picture so we had a record of this happy, surprise meeting. They were headed to run in the Hot Chocolate Race.
As they headed toward their race, I kept walking but paused to admire the Chicago River.
Then I walked into that Hot Chocolate Race. And guess what? I needed to cross that street. I'll wait it out, I thought, surely the runners can't keep coming forever. Twenty minutes later, I got up enough nerve to Frogger my way across the road. No one was injured, and I felt strangely exhilarated.
A little more walking, and I knocked on the door of the hotel room of one of my very favorite people in the whole world. I captured this city view from the room's window as she dried her hair and we talked in that very comfortable way you talk with someone who already knows you and loves you and appreciates you just the way you are.
Then we walked a bit to earn our tasty breakfast. Matching bowls of oatmeal, Diet Coke, and the croissant (which we split). And more talking.
Then some browsing and some analysis: Kit's scooter? Bitty Baby or Bitty Twin? Does Julie indeed have a pet rabbit? We gave each other the nudges we needed to give Santa some help. Then we got in a cab, met her hubby back at the hotel, and loaded up their sleigh.

Pretty good picture for a parking garage backdrop. A few pretty, perfect hours with a pretty stinking awesome friend.

That was my Saturday morning. And yours?


Heather said...

That DOES sound like a pretty perfect morning! I had a friend running in that may just have froggered your way right around her, who knows?

You look so happy! What a well-deserved day for you :)

Killeen said...

My morning was just made better by hearing about yours. It sounds like it was indeed pretty darn perfect.

And truth: conversations with favorite people are the best.

Hope you're well.

LAP said...

I'm delighted that your day was so delightful. Having you see my friends makes me happy...and I love that all three of you look so happy in the picture. And indeed, your friend is pretty stinking awesome.

E... said...

This sounds wonderful!!! Since I know how amazing BOTH the people involved in this morning are, I know it was even more wonderful than it looks. So happy for you both that you got this time together.
Also, I have thought of asking you if you've read this book about ten times. I'm glad to hear it's as good as I assumed. Need to get it for myself!

Steph said...

Sounds like some heaven, and I can speak first hand! I spent yesterday taking the train into town and, ironically, running into a friend in downtown too. Cool.

PITA said...

Good times with good friends are the best! I am so glad you had such a perfect morning!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful morning! Way better than mine, without a doubt.

CaraBee said...

What a great day! Except for the being up at dawn part. YIKES. Days like that are so restorative, aren't they? I swear if I don't get a quiet day out with a girlfriend occasionally I go a little insane.

Stacia said...

Diet Coke: the breakfast of champions, or at least mothers of early risers. =>

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