Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where Did You Come From...Where Did You Go..

Where did you come from Cotton-Eyed Joe? Each season, I look forward to this week - the group dance. This week, the dancers and professionals work together to create a dynamic routine where the whole group dances at once. They did a country number to Cotton-Eyed Joe. It wasn't my favorite group dance of all time...but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I just like to see them slightly more relaxed without the pressure of being scored.
PITA'S Highlights/Comments for this Week:
1. Marissa seems to be picking up steam - I am not liking it. I don't find her dances entertaining and I think she receives higher marks than she deserves.
2. Mark and Kristi's jive was just wonderful - it ranks up there with some of my favorite dances of all time.
3. I felt slightly bad for Jason this week, I think that he is working hard and sometimes he isn't rewarded for it.
4. Shannon & Derek - an item or not? They are certainly sending some mixed signals. Regardless, I love them.
5. I love when the judges use words like raunchy. It really makes me laugh. Mario and Karina's performance was a little risque - but that is just like Karina.
6. Good-Bye to Marlee - She really did a great job and I appreciated the moment that her and Tom had at the end.
7. Lastly, before blogging I was speaking with my mom and she said she was checking a blog about DWTS and almost everyone was in favor of Marissa and Tony - and they were hating on Shannon and Derek. I certainly hope that is not the feeling nationwide.
Stay Tuned for next week's 100th Episode of DWTS.


MEP said...

I think it was time for Marlee to go, but I really enjoyed her. I think she is so beautiful (inside and out, it seems) and a good dancer. I wish the judges would have given her more actual feedback on her dancing. Instead, their comments every week seemed to amount to the following: "You're a really good dancer for someone who can't hear the music." She's been deaf for over four decades, and my guess she is over being amazed by what the deaf might accomplish and would have preferred actual critique of her dancing.

I agree that Jason got shafted a bit this week.

If you do a google search for "Derek and Shannon beach photos," you will find that there are some photos that were not taken during the DWTS promo piece . . . looks like there may be a love connection (or a publicity stunt).

To hear Len say "raunchy" is always amusing.

I do think the music was slightly better this week.

I'm ready for Cheryl and Cristian to go home, just am.

As ever, PITA, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I am personally disappointed that Cheryl and Christian didn't get the boot, it would have been quite amusing to see old Len showing off his bum in the supermarket. I am soooo ready for Marissa to go, but I fear she has a pretty good fan base. I have to go now, I must google Shannon and Derek beach photos. m

msp said...

i might have to actually vote for shannon and derek if there are haters out there. i love them. and if marissa doesn't get the boot soon, i may have to boycott. enough already. and ditto on mep's comments about the judges remarks for marlee. if she wasn't so gracious, i'm sure she would've had something to say to the judges about that. by the way, big fan of her partner too.

Anonymous said...

msp, you are onto something there. I was a crazy voter last season at the end in an effort to help give Marie the boot. The other computer user's in the family were a little surprised to get emails from on Tuesdays. O well. m

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