Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust...

This week on DWTS boasted a new level of competition. Many of the pairings really stepped it up. This week the dancers performed either a pasa doble or a waltz. I have loved the paso ever since Drew and Cheryl performed one - "Thriller style."
These were my highlights/thoughts for the week:
1. The first tens were given, which was did seem earlier than usual though.
2. Fantastic performances by Jason and Edyta, Kristi and Mark, and Derek and Shannon.
3. Adam entering his performance while riding a unicycle - I really almost peed my pants.
4. Marissa - still annoying and still around.
5. Not to be mean, but I am kind of over Marlee and Fabian her partner really gets on my nerves. I really didn't think her performance should have moved Carrie Anne to tears - I mean really.
6. I was saddened to see Derek sustain an injury, but delighted to see "the gentleman of the ballroom" Jonathon step in and help out.
7. I think there was a improvement in Kristi's hair style...last week she had some disturbing pieces of her hair matted to her face -not a fan.
8. Last but not least, I was really kind of sad to see Adam go....His skills were clearly not at the level of everyone elses, but he still made me laugh almost everytime he was on the floor. I even enjoyed his moment at the end, when he encouraged everyone to tackle their own "dancing with the stars." Touching really.

Until next week...


MEP said...

Adam is so, so funny and actually not a bad dancer. I guess the rest of America (or those Americans who vote on DWTS, which I rarely do) does not share my sense of humor. Really disappointed to see him go. I was certain it would be Marissa.

Kristi and Mark are excellent, but they need to worry about being too good, too soon. Fans don't seem to like that.

Really loving Derek this season. Hoping to see gentleman Jonathan have something to do next week too.

Carrie Anne crying after Marlee's waltz seemed unexpected but then Marlee seemed really moved to have moved Carrie Anne so good for them that they could share that moment. Carrie Anne's emotions seemed close to the surface all night though, didn't they? Perhaps she is going through some personal turmoil or maybe she is pregnant and emotional or something? Obviously, this is the kind of speculation that is none of my business.

The music continues to be a problem this season, and my theory is that DWTS is being cheap about paying to use really cool songs (not that I know how royalties work or how songs are priced). If Priscilla and Lisa Marie actually own the rights to Elvis's songs (who else would?), I would love it if DWTS had an Elvis Night. If all the contestants danced to the music of The King, I would be in heaven. I assume once Priscilla and Harold Wheeler read this post here on NTB, the logistic arrangements and planning will begin.

MEP said...

I meant "logistical" arrangements.

Anonymous said...


Glad you clarified your logistical thing. I was ready to discount your entire post.

Yes, Harold Wheeler should read this post and get his act together. I want more Thriller.

Sara G.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if Adam was growing on me or if I had just mentally exited Marissa. She wasn't in the bottom two which is unfortunate because she really drives me crazy. I thought it quite funny when Julianne said as a means of encouragement to Adam, Oh screw the judges and he replied something to the effect that if she had they would have better scores. I have my finals picked. They are, in no particular order, Kristi, Shannon, and Jason. Thaht's all I got but I must admit I'm into this season. NTB M

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