Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Be Cruel...

By keeping Marissa around one more week! This week, much to my dismay, Priscilla was let go. It wasn't that I loved Priscilla so much, it was that I can't stand Marissa. Her time has come and gone. Additionally, Louis (Priscilla's partner) has always been one of my top three professionals on the show. His choreography is always challenging and top notch. A NTB reader emfagel and I were lamenting via text about the sensuality of Louis' dancing. Don't think we are creepy, but he really embraces the dance. Among other commentary was that Priscilla has "a pretty slamming body" for her age. If only she didn't have that botched plastic surgery.
Highlights/Comments for PITA this week:
1. Kristy and Mark - need me say more.
2. Harold Wheeler and the band stepping it up with the music - about time!
3. The judges continue to be nice to Marissa and I am not quite sure why.
4. The judges were a bit harsh with Shannon and Derek. LAP and NTB reader m were both dismayed. Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but I think she is more of a ballroom girl rather than a Latin girl.
5. I continue to dislike Karina - not quite sure, but is constantly close to the bottom of my professional dancer rankings.
6. Samantha...Samantha...Samantha....will her interviews ever be not awkward and uncomfortable to watch?
I guess that it is....really looking forward to a country-inspired group dance next week.


MEP said...

I think I am not quite so down on Marissa as you are, though I won't be too broken up if she is voted off.

I was mighty impressed that Priscilla was able to do the splits, but think her song was just TOO SLOW (not her fault) and that perhaps Louis's choreography was either too challenging or too boring or something (sorry, I know you love you some Louis).

I also admit that I am kind of liking Karina this season. I loved her and Mario's dance last night. It was just a lot of fun to watch.

As for the music, I think we still need to step it up a bit.

Are you hoping, as I am, that Derek and Shannon might be more than friends?

As for Samantha . . . there are no words, except for corny, awkward ones (and she's using all of those!).

Nice post, PITA.

Steph said...

Oh, this (almost) makes me wish I had a TV! I do think I would love, love this show!! I live vicariously through your blog and snippets I see on occasion (mostly at my Mom's). Happy Weekend!

Plotter said...

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Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with your take on the evening of DWTS. I am anxious to see if people rescue Cheryl and Christian or not. m

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