Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Boy in a Little Coat

The bub and I had a big day this past Friday. Park district class at 9:30, haircut at 10:45, and two year old birthday party at 4:00. Getting bub dressed took less time than usual so we were able to sneak in a quick trip to Target before class so as to secure a birthday present. The bub stayed in his cart like a prince (this is not always the case), and our trip through Target was pretty breezy. I filled my cart with the gift and other items, mostly "essentials" (you only buy "essentials" at Target, right?). On our way to the register, I happened past a display of spring jackets for little boys. The bub's current lightweight jacket is an adorable Columbia one, given to him by my aunt. I love the jacket, but sized at eighteen months, it has become quite snug. So, when I spotted a navy coat with kelly green lining and a price tag of $9.99, I thought, "Sold." I quickly scanned the hangers: one 24 month, one 3T, three 5T's. As ever, Target is out of something that I want: a 4T jacket. I decide, however, that with the price being so reasonable, I will go crazy and get the 3T and if it doesn't fit next spring, so be it. I throw it in the cart. I would say this entire decision-making process--from spotting jackets to tossing one jacket in cart--took less than thirty seconds. We even had time to stop at the Target Cafe on our way out, admittedly a bad habit. I know, I know, if I were a stronger mom, I would not indulge the bub's requests to "get snack" so readily. Ah well.

So, we go to class and the bub behaves pretty well. Then, we head to the haircut, where I am delighted with the bub's deportment. He sat in the airplane chair like a champ and for the second haircut in a row, consented to wearing the cape. Typically, when the bub gets his haircut, I hover and say things like, "Shorter but not too short. I still want him to look like a baby." It was only the last visit that I agreed to let the stylist use the clippers on his neck (it seems such a grown up thing to do). But the bub's hair has been ridiculous lately. Too much of it and, frankly, quite challenging to style, especially as the bub does not enjoy standing still for hair brushing. I asked the stylist to go shorter but still make it cute, and I was pleased with the result--even though it made my baby look like a real "big boy."
(Note the enhanced big-boy-ness in the post-haircut photos versus the top photo from three days prior).

Post-haircut, we've got about an hour to spare until lunchtime. The sun has been shining all day, but my car's temperature gage tells me it is now 71 degrees outside. Hot damn! We're heading to the park! I pull up to a park that is a bit shady. Though 71 degrees is quite warm, remember that Chicago's weather is fickle and that the winter has not yet definitively ended here. I am wary. I decide the bub does not need his winter coat, but I am hesitant to have him play sans coat. I remember the spring jacket in the Target bag. How serendipitous! I pull it out of the bag, rip the tag off, and put it on the bub. That's strange, the sleeves are really short and his shirt is longer than the coat by at least two inches. Their 3Ts must really run small. I am surprised because a lot of his 2T clothes still fit just fine. Hum, I guess growth spurts come fast. I am regretting that I didn't buy the 5T. I think, gee, my bub is really getting to be a big boy, what with the shorter haircut and the 3T jacket being too small. I don't think much more about it.

The bub plays, we go home, we eat nuggets, and we go outside to blow bubbles (purchased at Target and promised at the park as an incentive to getting the bub to leave the park: "Blow bubbles outside?" "Yes, after lunch."). By the time bubble time comes around, the sun has disappeared, the temperature has dropped ten degrees (at least), and the wind is blowing so hard that part of our fence has fallen over. Ideal bubble weather. I keep my promise though because that is the kind of mom I am. NTB. Then, Bub takes his nap, we change into his party clothes, and head to the party. The temperature has dropped another 15 degrees, and it's now raining. Winter coat goes back on.

That night, I recount the day to my hubby and mention my surprise that the bub's new coat was so small. The hubby says, "Yeah, I was wondering about that. I saw it on the back of the chair. Why did you buy size 12 months?" That's right, because I was so hasty in choosing the coat and ripping out its tag and so trusting that at Target, the size on the garment would match that on the hanger (really, I should know better), I purchased my "big boy" a baby coat. I guess Bub 2.0 is all set for next spring.


E... said...

We had the exact same coat home at our house -- 3T, as my Target was also out of the 4s. Then we got home and I realized I have passesd the Shaffer jacket problem on to him, as he already has three lightweight jackets sized 2 or 3, and even at 9.99, it would be silly for him not to be able to wear a new one this fall. So I took it out of our over stuffed closet and took it back.
BTW, we spent much more than I'm willing to admit on "essentials" yesterday, and O. had popcorn and an Icee for lunch...

MEP said...

E... I forgot that you do have a penchant for the lightweight jacket!

My sister tipped me off to the Icees at Target, and it has been clutch. If I have a "big trip" planned, I get one for the bub at the start and it keeps him busy. Cherry Mist is key. A white Icee=no stains!

LAP said...

Funny you should mention the icee. J's at preschool so I just asked N if she wanted to go to Dicks with me (to secure some of those adorable pink shin guards for J's upcoming soccer session), and her only reply was "they have icees there?" It's more of an expectation than a treat I am afraid. Not only do I use them to keep her in the cart at Target, but at Meijer as well.

Actchy said...

Sigh. He certainly does look like a big boy with his hair cut. But no less the cutie-pie, that's for sure.

jennifer said...

The title of this post made me snort water out of my nose!

Anonymous said...

The bub really does look like a big boy with the new hair cut. It's a make you smile story, I believe we had a fat man in a little coat situation for a wedding tux at our house one time. m

Steph said...

Sweet pictures! He has a great smile!

A friend of mine recently bought a pair of target pants. Tag says one size - inside says another. Who checks the inside size before buying?

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