Saturday, April 26, 2008

My mom is wild about…

Going along with the animal unit at J’s preschool, the kids recently made zookeepers (some of the forms were already cut out for them…a necessary step to ensure these two feet tall zookeepers would actually be discernible.) These works of art are hanging in the hallway outside her classroom. Because next week is “Mom’s Night,” each zookeeper is holding a sign that says “My mom is wild about ____.” Each 3 or 4 year old was of course asked to fill in that blank. Upon seeing these up on the wall, I immediately scanned the sea of construction paper, wondering what J said about me. “Hugging”…[insert sigh of relief]…that was sweet of her. Once I knew that, I could then peruse the other zookeeper signs to see what the other kids in her class said. Here is a sampling of what I saw:

My mom is wild about…..

Chicken salad
Rubbing my back
Cooking spaghetti
Having a drink
Wrestling with Daddy

You just can’t make that stuff up.

As a side note, no need to feel sad for the boy who responded “work.” His mom is not a workaholic who doesn’t pay attention to her son. She works a couple mornings a week (typically the days he is in school). Also, his twin sister gave the “wrestling with Daddy” response, so clearly the mom is not all work and no play?

For the record, if asked what my mom is wild about (aside from the obvious and p.c. “friends and family”), I would go with a Coke over some perfectly crushed ice. Feel free to share what your mom is wild about, or, if applicable, what your kids would say you are wild about.


MEP said...

"Wrestling with Daddy" is the obviously hilarious answer, but I admit to being really tickled by the idea of someone's mom being "wild about chicken salad."

In addition to Coke with crushed ice, my own mom is wild about funnel cake, hot pretzels, coupons, cooking magazines, things that match, and her grandchildren . . . just to name a few.

What would the bub say his mom is wild about? I fear, if he could conceptualize the question, he would say: the computer, pizza, and reading books.

Anonymous said...

Bingo, the only thing more perfect than Coke over crushed ice would be a Frisch's vanilla coke over their absolutely perfect, easy to chew, not too big crushed ice. I am also wild about the above mentioned items. KI or a festival for a nice funnel cake, hot pretzels, the snack of choice at sporting events, (see post sugar bites)but all my special people, big and little are really way way up there. That's pretty high. m

Actchy said...

My mom is wild about feeding her family fruit at lunch time. She always has been. Her peeling of various apples, peaches, pears, etc. and the subsequent distribution at table is a ritual known as "forced family fruit" in my parents' household.

Anonymous said...

My mom is wild about about McDonald's hot fudge sundaes, which she enjoys most nights of the week. She is particularly fond of the time that she has in the car to "sneak" in a cigarette. She thinks we don't know, but we all do and we talk about it regularly. Ahhh...we all have our secrets.

My boys would say that I am wild about cappucinnos, "keeping my heart healthy" by running/walking, and checking "dot com."

Steph said...

Very sweet!

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