Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sabrina and Mark -- You will be missed.

I've made no secret of my passion for Dancing with the Stars. I cannot express how devastated I was this evening to see Sabrina the Cheetah Girl and her partner Mark Ballas voted off. I personally accept partial responsibility for not actually voting. I guess I can't trust the rest of America to do anything.

Sabrina was a great dancer, really fun to watch. She also seemed like a pretty good role model to me. It's refreshing to see a confident, beautiful, talented, healthy young woman who doesn't seem to think it's necessary to hover around 100 pounds. This was Mark's first season on DWTS, and he seems like a good guy, a talented dancer, a sensitive coach and teacher, and a fantastic choreographer. My sisters, mom, and I are comforting ourselves with the hope that Sabrina and Mark have fallen in love. There seems to be some evidence supporting that theory.

So now, who I will be rooting toward to the finals? Not Jane Seymour. I can tell you that much. The real question is whether I can continue watching at all.


Anonymous said...

Devastating. Truly the judges are partially responsible for being hard on Sabrina this week and not giving Marie and Jane the even lower grades that they deserved. I was just sick. I do think Sabrina was extremely poised for such a young and totally unexpected exit. Surely there must be a comment board somewhere. I don't think I can give the show up, it is the highlight of my tv week. M

hamilton mark said...

i don't quite share the love of sabrina and mark however i think they should have survived.
i had a hard time focusing on the show with the multiple plugs and dance numbers for bruno and maryann's new show. I don't think I will watch.
Maybe Jane Seymour had the Bennigans Club, I had one of those a few years back, I was sick as a dog.

LAP said...

It was horrible. I too didn't vote so am complaining with guilt, but come one, what was everyone thinking? Jane Seymour's jive was so uncomfortably awkward to watch. Who are these superfans keeping Dr. Quinn in?

In my pursuit to send my well wishes on to Sabrina and Mark, I noted on Mark's webpage that his real passion is his band (best friend Derek Hough is part of it) so I hope it makes it big someday. If you are cool enough to have a MySpace page, which I am not, it appears you can access more info on the topic.

The grilled chicken sandwich at SchoolYard did me in once.

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