Friday, November 12, 2010

Talk about big-hearted . . .

Bub brought home The Kindness Tree that he worked on at school. One of his teachers recorded his philanthropy: "I was kind when I gave my brother my old, little coat."

You hear that? He gave his little brother his old, little coat. What a kid.

He's also concerned for your health. Don't forget: Always Cover a Sneeze!


Anonymous said...

I always knew there was a philanthropic light in that kid. Especially for old, little things.

But doesn't he know he should cough into his elbow, not his hand? What is that school teaching him?!

Sara G.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait. The hand has a tissue. All is well.

Sara G. (again)

brainella said...

You know, if he wanted to -- he could probably shove himself into that old, little coat and NO ONE else could have it. :)

I've been lectured about the elbow vs. hand/tissue thing. I'm too old to change...

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