Friday, November 19, 2010

Bedtime Crimes

Match the crime to the culprit(s).
* Going to bed easily at 7:20 and then waking up an hour later screaming one's head off.

* Running around in circles for 25 minutes straight and then flopping into bed and proceeding to repeatedly scratch the drywall with one's fingernails.
* Lying in bed and alternately saying, "I'm already dreaming, mommy" and, to the runner, "Don't jump up on my bed." As if that booger needed any ideas for what to do next.
* Looking angelic in jammies.

It's almost 9:30 on Friday night. Three kids finally asleep. House a mess. Still haven't eaten dinner. Going to squeeze as much quality MEP-time in as I can before I fall asleep myself.



Heather said...

What is it about kids in pj's that is so darn adorable?

Even if they're being stinkers?

Hope you had some good MEP time and some dinner!

E... said...

I've got 'em all figured out.
Here are mine:

Looking all cute and cozy in the foot pajamas one has chosen for oneself, then changing into shortest summer pjs one can find so one "can feel the covers."

Leaving favorite dog and blanket in basement & not remembering until snuggled under other covers.

Sleeping for block of 6 hours only long enough to give mother blocked duct, leading to raging infection.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

They're so stinking cute that all the trouble is worth it!

And that's why my youngest is completely spoiled. She gets away with everything!

Stacia said...

Wish I had some cupcake jammies like those. Too sweet. Scratching drywall, though? I'm involuntarily shivering just thinking about it. Eek!

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