Monday, November 8, 2010

Ore-oh no you didn't

With the holidays approaching and winter hibernation upon us, my penchant for food porn kicks into high gear. I satiate my need for food porn by obsessively flipping through magazines and cookbooks, by surfing the net for recipes and then reading their reviews to add to the excitement and anticipation, by grocery shopping almost daily, by stockpiling bricks of cream cheese, and by dreaming of dips.
Last year, the focus of my food porn was the Crockpot 365 website, which I still never tire of checking. I've made a handful of recipes from the site, all pretty successful but none more so than a little something I call hot vomit on a chip. I just like visiting. Plus, Stephanie, the Crock Pot Lady, admittedly eats savory leftovers for breakfast on many days. Girl after my own heart.
I happened upon a new food porn site a few weeks ago, Cookie Madness. Pretty much all my teeth are sweet so I love cruising all the recipes on this food blog.
I made some miniature oreo cheesecakes a few days ago from Cookie Madness. I think I overbaked them a bit, but they were still tasty. Tough to go too wrong when oreos, cream cheese, and sugar are involved.
The cutest thing ever is that you bake the cheesecakes in cupcake tins and use an open-face oreo (double stuff side up) as the crust.
Check out the recipe right here. I opted not to use the orange-filled Halloween oreos and also skipped the decorative chocolate glaze on top.
In the true spirit of food porn, I am intrigued by this Cookie Madness recipe for Sweet, Salty Frito Candy. I don't even like Fritos, but I am already mentally committed to trying this stuff out.
Where do you go to get your "food porn" fix? Please share in the comments. I think I should I be afraid of what search terms might lead people to this post.

Turkey Day Tread and Toss Update: I've already tossed my items for today (expired spices and other junk cluttering up one of my skinny cabinets). Now I'm off to get my ten minutes of tread finished.


Heather said...

I am sorely tempted to try and make the Frito candy AND the Oreo cheesecakes. If you could rename the hot vomit recipe I might be convinced to try that one, too...

Now I need to go and "toss" some dirty dishes into the trash.

Oh, that's not what you mean by "tossing"? Darn.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of going to the grocery nearly every day...I am jealous of your fancy new Jewel.

brainella said...

I tossed more than five things yesterday. :-) I've done my ten today -- later is the toss.

And those mini cheesecakes look awesome. I might make those for dinner this weekend. Yum!

Lady Jennie said...

Woah! I should not be reading this while on a low carb diet. But my sweet tooth usually gets taken care of just making brownies. Easy and always a hit.

CaraBee said...

Quite inexplicably, I have begun receiving Rachel Ray's magazine, Everyday. And while I don't know how or why I am getting it, I am definitely enjoying looking through and plotting out recipes and meals. Other than that, I have been a minimalist lately. Not sure what the deal is. Although I was inspired by your turkey dinner description and I will be doing a full one tomorrow. Wee!

E... said...

Umm. I do not need more encouragement to seek out dessert, but I will indeed be reading this Cookie Madness thing, because I cannot resist food porn.
I would love to write about a couple of my own faves soon, and will try my best.

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