Thursday, November 18, 2010

T G I (almost) F F

Thank Goodness It's (almost) FRITO Friday!

What's Frito Friday? The designated day when my bloggy friend Heather in Lebanon and I are posting about our experiences with this Sweet, Salty Frito Candy recipe from Cookie Madness.
Background 411 is that sweet and salty is my very favorite pairing for snacks. Typical sweet and salty snacks for me are chocolate-covered pretzels or a mix of peanuts, raisins, and chocolate chunks (avoid store-bought trail mix with its pesky nutritional and calorie information on the packaging--if you make it at home, you can think to yourself, "Nuts and raisins and dark chocolate. A healthy snack, indeed"). Point is that I am a sucker for sweet and salty and thus could not help but be tempted by a recipe for Sweet, Salty Frito Candy (henceforth known as SSFC).
So you're going to check out the SSFC recipe. Then, check out what I have to say about it below. Then, check out my friend Heather's take on it.
I made the SSFC with Bub, one of my two regular sous chefs (the other was napping). I have to say that the first part of the recipe offers many ideal tasks for little helpers: unwrapping miniature Reese's cups, measuring out a cup of Fritos and two cups of pretzels, using a mallet to crush those Fritos and pretzels (opted to skip the recipe instructions about using a food processor for this step), and spreading the mixture into the pan. I should have also given Bub a butter knife and let him cut the Reese's cups into smaller chunks, but control freak mama did it herself.
From there, the recipe--adding brown sugar to melted butter and boiling, pouring that buttery/sugary goodness on top of the salty stuff, and melting/spreading chocolate chips on top--is a little less friendly for sous chefs under age five.
My sous chef did not seem to feel left out.
"Look, mom, it's my own recipe."
Kind of cute how the pretzels look like faces now, right? Too bad the "eyes" tend to fall out when you lift them.
Back to the SSFC though. I followed the instructions and waited patiently for the chocolate to harden (suspect I should have a more culinary word than "harden," especially after watching Top Chef: Just Desserts). Eventually, I broke the candy into pieces and dug in.
Initially, I was all, "Hmm, this is okay, but I wish it were a little saltier." Because, you know, there is not enough sodium in pretzels and Fritos. I felt like I was tasting too much chocolate and was bummed that a few of my pieces were kind of crumbly. However, the pieces where there was plenty of the buttery/brown sugary goodness holding the pretzels, Fritos, and peanut butter cups together . . . those pieces were quite exquisite.
Fast forward to yesterday evening when I realize that there is only one piece left and I still haven't gotten hubby's take on it. Mind you, no one but me ate the SSFC throughout the week (I guess no one knew to look in the Gladware container in the back of the middle shelf of the fridge). It takes all I have to hand hubby that last piece. I don't have a quote for you because he was focusing on a spreadsheet or something, but when I followed up later, he said he liked it but didn't love it since he is not as into "the sweet/salty thing" as I am. Fair enough.
As for me, I will make the SSFC again. I will try to distribute my butter/brown sugar mixture a little more evenly. I may use fewer chocolate chips (I used a teense more than what was called for) and might see how white chocolate chips or a combination of white and chocolate turn out. I also think I might sprinkle some sea salt over the salty layer before adding the chocolate.
For sure, I will only make SSFC again when I am planning to share it with others because even if something is good, you don't feel good about yourself when you eat it all.

But enough about me, what did Heather in Lebanon's crew think? She'll be posting her account on Friday (I published a little early on the Frito Friday's Eve to get "credit" for my 30 posts in 30 days).
Happy Frito Friday, everybody! May your day be the perfect blend of sweet and salty.


Heather said...

I thought the same thing about using white chocolate chips next time! And I think that maybe a stick and a half of butter would be better for a 9x13 pan, to better coat each piece.

You must give it a try with the Ghiradelli chips, though. AMAZING!

This was fun! We should do another recipe post together again. Maybe Cara and E would join in?

E... said...

Oh yes! I want in! We could make it a regular feature, rotate suggesting recipes???
I am intrigued by this recipe, as I also love the salty sweet. And I LOVE Fritos -- nothing like a walking taco. I'd want there to be more salty than sweet, so I'm already warned off by MEP's review. Plus I'd have to leave off the Reese's Cups, so I'm sure that would put the whole thing out of whack.
Great, fun post!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

LOVE fritos! (If you look at the ingredients, there's only three (no additives! no coloring!), so they MUST be healthy. Right?!

The recipe sounds heavenly. What's not to like about fritos, butter, reese's cups, chocolate chips.

Anna said...

Wow, thanks to both you and Heather for celebrating Frito Friday. I'm glad you had fun making the recipe. Also, it was great reading both perspectives. I hope you do another double-recipe making and posting session soon.

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