Monday, March 16, 2009

She eats chicken.

She eats chicken.
She has small teeth.*
She wears a bow in her hair.
She is "coming over to our house to play ALL DAY."
She looks like Swiper.**

These are some of the things Bub has told me about his most recent imaginary friend Cammy (not sure how this friend spells her name, but Bub did know it starts with a "C," ntb).

While we were waiting to pick up Bub's prescription*** at CVS today, Bub used the blood pressure machine near the pharmacy to "email Cammy." So, I guess I also know that she prefers to communicate via email.

I am loving the imaginary friend and pet stage. What about you? Any imaginary beings populating your little world?

*but not so small that she can't eat chicken, I guess
**Bub's cousin, not Dora's nemesis
***Both boys have ear infections, ntb.


E... said...

Canna, who likes to play ice basketball, knew my son "a long time ago. Before I met you, Mommy. Before I hatched out of your tummy." She also moved away, and lives far far away now. (O's teacher heard this story about the moving and asked me if it happened recently, because O seemed a little sad about losing his good friend -- she had no idea it was an imaginary friend he was talking about.

Steph said...

Cami (could by Cammy) is my alter-ego. A loooong story but it's short for Camelia (as in Sinensis - tea!) and she's a fashion-designer working for Nieman's. LOL! There's a whole back story here that I'll leave to your imagination.

CaraBee said...

I have an imaginary housekeeper. Sadly, the work she does is imaginary, too. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Bub's mother had some good imaginary friends as I recall. They spent over a year at our home. m

Anonymous said...

That post (along with all these comments!) are cracking me up! I especially love that Cammy emails and that some people play ice basketball. PBS

cake said...

i love hearing about bub's imaginary friend! cosmo often, out of the blue, will say, "my friends are coming over. TEN friends." or, he'll inform us that his friends are already here, but they are sleeping, so we have to be quiet, and then we all whisper for a while. the names of said friends are very difficult for me to pronounce, let alone spell, so i won't even try it.

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