Friday, March 27, 2009

But what do you really think?

Bub, after a lunch outing with friends in which his behavior could have been better (though, it could have been way worse too) when I asked how he thought he acted: "I act a little bit crazy."

Bub, looking into my parents' garage: "There's too much stuff in here."*

Bub, after picking his nose and wiping it in my hair: "I gave it to you. It was a good one."

Bub, responding to question of what he liked best at his lunch with the Easter Bunny: "When we read a book." My heart warmed, but then Bub revised his answer about ten seconds later, "My favorite part was the candy. I love candy."

Bub, poking me in the belly: "Your belly is squishy."

What are the kids in your life saying these days?

*want to stress that the junk is not my parents so much as their lazy, move-a-lot children's


CaraBee said...

If my daughter could talk, I am quite confident that she would comment on the squishiness of pretty much my whole body. Sigh.

I love booger in the hair bit. Now, that is love.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I love him :-0

Mrs F with 4 said...

My day was complete (hah!) when, whilst lying on the floor covered in children, telling stories, No. 2 son (5) said "I love your tummy. It's so..... comfy". Comfy? COMFY?!! Then No 2 daughter (18 months) added a new word to her vocabulary. "Wibble".

Should I mention I am 40 today?! Yah, Happy Birthday, Mummy!

msh said...

i know i could write a whole page of these lovely spoken truths. but i'll just go with one from tonight: right in front of my sister, the mother of my little nephew paul, eli says "i HATE paul! paul's my worst cousin!" such a sweet boy.

ms. mep said...

Mrs F with 4 -- Happy 40th!!! Thanks for stopping by lately. I love the phrase "comfy belly."

Anonymous said...

Let's see....son #1 tells me everyday, nearly every hour that he wants to marry me, NTB. Son #2 told me today, "No Mama, not sing...YOU BAD!" Rita

LAP said...

Fancy, watching out the window for our neighbors who are coming to hang out this evening, "Dad, I'm gonna scream when they come so mom can put her boob away." (Yes, I was nursing at the time, and honestly appreciated that she was going to give me a heads up)

Swiper, as I stole a Starburst from the potty reward stash, "Mom, did you get your poo out?"

Fancy, "Mom, is that as far down as your [post-baby] belly is going to go?" Why, yes, it is.

Swiper, "I love your new short hair mom." Said once a day since the cut took place 2 weeks ago.

I would like to chime in that I witnessed Bub's response of the book being his favorite, plus the follow up retraction of said statement. The book answer was heartfelt though, so I think you should keep feeling warm and fuzzy about it.

kerrilee said...

I loved the booger comment from Bub and can't stop laughing at Swiper and Fancy either! Mine isn't as much funny as it is a sign of things to come. Miss Mia took one look at the both of us one evening when we had gotten cleaned up to go to a family party and proclaimed "Mommy, I look cuter than you do." She was right, but I'm not ready for zingers like that from my 3-year old.

cake said...

we've been frantically preparing for house guests. cosmo walked into the office and said, "why is it so CLEAN?" he asked the same thing about the car.

Amy said...

Love this and the honesty of kids. At the mall one day, an older woman (and I mean probably in her 80's) was sitting on a bench and Annika points to her and says really loud, "she has really, really red hair." She did of course, but still. My other favorite of hers was during mass (you already know anything said during mass isn't going to be good) and the priest is saying the Eucharistic prayers and he says "he took bread and broke it..." and Annika yells out, "Oh no, he broke the bread, he needs a time out."

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