Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beware the Ides of March . . .

Actually, no impending doom here. The bub and I are in Fairfield, OH, kicking it with my parents for the week (the hubby will join us for the Easter weekend). Bubby is having a blast with Grammy and Pop. They have more energy for chasing and playing with him than I do (not because I am a lazy or inferior mom, my own mom assures me, but because they are not required to chase and play on a daily basis). He laps up all the attention. The goal for this week is to take advantage of the extra help to make a major dent in my research for the fifth (and FINAL) chapter of my dissertation. NTB, but I sent my fourth chapter off to my director on Monday and received word on Tuesday that the third chapter will only require about an afternoon's worth of revision before sending it to the rest of my committee! It is really exciting to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the best things about being at my parents' house (besides all the food and the help with the bub) is the chance to be more connected to all my siblings as they call with updates and such. My youngest brother (The Intern) spent the past four days in Atlanta, competing in a national sales competition for college students. He was one of two students chosen from the University of Dayton to participate, NTB, and has been working closely with a professor since January to prepare. He did well, had a great experience, and was able to set up some interviews while there. He graduates in a couple of months, and I am so excited to see what's next for him. My sister LAP and I have a secret fear that when The Intern describes his family to people, he ends with something like, "Oh, and I have these two older sisters, they're like thirty-something with kids." Once he graduates from college, I fear I will be that much closer to being officially old.

My sister PITA also had a big weekend. NTB, but she completed her first half marathon this morning. She met up with some college friends in Virginia Beach to do the run. She claims to have had a couple of "moments" along the way, but she made it. Plus, I am quite impressed that she did it without having an accident. I have run one 5K race in my life (back in 1998) and peed my pants during mile 2 (of 3). I am really proud of the way she took on and trained for this challenge.

Also a great weekend around here with the NCAA Selection Show. We are pumped about Notre Dame's 5 seed and Xavier's 3 seed and even more pumped that they are not in the same region so that if their paths happen to cross in the tournament, it won't be for quite a while!

Finally, the Ides of March is my birthday. As of yesterday, I am another year older and no deeper in debt. I am thankful for the cards, emails, and texts from friends. I am delighted with the new maternity duds my mom chose for me (and the spending money my parents gave me). My hubby pulled through with a medium-duty document shredder that I've been wanting for a while, NTB, and authorization to buy myself a couple of treats while I'm here in OH. My brother Big Boy and his family hooked me up with a video monitor for Bub 2.0 (thanks to my bro's new job in the baby products industry). I am thankful for the birthday dinner and cake that my mom made for me, though I was really sorry that members of LAP & Co. were under the weather and could not make it (this was especially sad because my niece J had been conferring with Grammy for days about plans for Aunt Meppy's party and had been planning some "fancy"--a direct quote--decorations). The bub placed an entire pack of birthday candles on my cake and helped me blow them out. All in all, my life is good and I hope I am sufficiently grateful. 33? Who me?


LAP said...

Since I have been dead to the world since Thursday, I appreciate the update. I can't recall the last time I felt so miserable, not just because we had to miss the birthday bash. If this is the flu, then I will wait in any line for any and all strain variations next year. That being said, I'm slowly on the mend, and so far have only infected one other family member, so we're hoping to hold on that number.

Actchy said...

MEP, I think my favorite part of this post is your open admission to having peed your pants in mile 2 of your 5K.

LAP: I hope feel better soon. Two years ago I got hit with a stomach flu three times in one winter and I recall thinking, "Hm. Now I finally understand why they say that the flu can kill elderly people."

Actchy said...

Ahem. "I hope you feel better soon."

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