Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bubdate: Phrases and Phases

I had a different topic in mind for this post that involved my recent trips to the Lane Public Library in Fairfield, OH (a bub-free work zone while I am visiting my parents) and my wonderment that so many people now use the library as a sort of home office (surfing the net, taking calls, eating lunch, conducting business, etc.), but I don't have the energy to decide what I think of the trend right now.

Why don't I have the energy? Because I have spent the past ninety minutes getting the bub to go to bed. Now, I shouldn't really complain about this because my mom has been good enough to undertake the task the rest of the nights we've been here. It's just frustrating because when we're home in Chicago, bedtime is typically my husband's job and usually takes around 30 minutes. But, away from home, with no 45 inch tall baby gate preventing the bub from escaping his bedroom, bedtime is far dicier. Instead of droning on about the details of the bedtime routine without the gate (yes, it involves some Supernanny techniques), I am going to focus on some of the cute things the bub is currently doing and saying.

1. "Better." The bub started out saying "better" as part of the boo boo healing process. He would identify a boo boo, bring it to our attention for a kiss, and then declare "better." Then, he adopted the habit of kissing his own boo boo's and declaring "better." It's pretty endearing. Last week at the park, he took a little spill, despite my nearness and vigilance, and his lip and nose were bleeding a bit. I was snuggling him, wiping him off, and giving some kisses, and he looked up at me, still bleeding, and said, "better." Recently, "better" also gets used beyond the realm of injury. He might, for example, unzip my fleece two inches, survey the result, and then say "better." Or, he might adjust the volume on the CD player while "Twinkle, Twinkle" is playing and pronounce it "better." The list goes on. Needless to say, it is cute. It is also helpful because now when we tell him something is "better," he generally believes it to be so.

2. "No, nothing." This is the bub's new response to the question, "Did you poop?" He says it in a tone that is part innocent and part annoyed. Pretty cute. NTB.

3. "1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10." This is the newest and most accurate number line being quoted around here.

4. "My turn." Lest you think I am bragging about the bub's ability to take turns, let me point out that, for the bub, it is always "my turn."

5. "Coupon." Earlier this evening, Grammy, bubby, and I ventured out in the pouring rain (it's pretty much poured all day here) to buy some special food coloring at Michael's (on my mom's to do list--I don't bake anything that would be worthy of special food coloring). We also stopped in Old Navy where I bought some yoga pants that I am hoping will get me through until I can wear my maternity capri pants. (My struggles to find maternity pants that are comfortable and long enough really deserves its own post). Anyway, at Old Navy we also found a bunch of pairs of toddler socks for 49 cents and some really cute infant and toddler pajamas for $2.97. NTB, but Bub and Bub 2.0 will be rocking matching pajamas next St. Patrick's Day. Eat your hearts out. We were pleased with all the bargains and even more pleased when I remembered I had an Old Navy coupon. I need to add that my mom had also used a coupon at Michaels, and I know I asked her on the way there if she remembered to bring her coupon. Whatever the reason, the word "coupon" clearly made an impression on the bub. The whole time we were in line at Old Navy, he kept saying "coupon." Then, for the rest of the ride home (right before which, I might add, it started snowing--enough already), he randomly said "coupon" about once every 30 seconds. NTB readers who know my mom can understand how fitting it is that he learned this new word while in her company.

Okay, that's all I have. The bub still appears to be asleep, and I am thinking that this post and the ninety minute bedtime has earned me some Graeters. NTB.


Anonymous said...

MEP - I know you are an English person and numbers are not your strong suit, but let's work on adding "3,4,5,6" to the counting.



Actchy said...

You should've included a warning that "Greaters" was a link to an ice cream website. The likelihood that I will have ice cream for lunch is now hovering at about 98%.

E... said...

So sorry about the extended bedtime. Makes me even more wary of our Easter trip to Cleveland, as O has yet to sleep in his "special Thomas bed" at Grandma Choo-Choo's since we kicked him out of the crib there. I'm taking the doorknob thing this time, though. Thanks for the heads up on the 49 cent socks -- we stopped in there today and got a pile! Alas, no coupons for us, though I did use my birthday gift cards on some spring clothes for myself. You were lucky to still have some maternity wear time left after your birthday -- I had to wait until the weight came off (well, some of it...)

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