Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DWTS...The first ones to go...

DWTS is back in full swing. There were 12 new dancers who were each able to perform two dances before the first elimination. Last night, we unfortunately had to say good bye to both Monica Seles and Penn Jillette. To be honest, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the line-up, but I was pleasantly surprised. Here are my thoughts/comments/favorite moments so far on the season:
1. I think the judges are being a bit harsh for the first performances. Bruno was especially harsh and I think he could be slightly more positive with some of the struggling dancers.
2. Although we are without Maks for this season, Louis is back in full force and I am loving that.
3. Priscilla's face scares me a little.
4. Steve "The Gute" Gutenberg - need we say more.
5. Although, I am usually a fan of Harold Wheeler and the band, I haven't enjoyed the music. I especially thought the song selections this week were altogether wretched and difficult to dance to.
6. Maybe Marissa could take it down just a few notches...I love enthusiasm, but she kind of stresses me out with her energy level. I felt bad about Monica last night, but I was relieved because I wasn't sure Marissa would be able to recover.

Until next week...


LAP said...

Did you enter my mind and steal my thoughts on the matter, because I echo every single thought wholeheartedly.
1. absolutely. at least Carrie Anne sugarcoats a bit.
2. I do miss Maks. Louis didn't know Priscella was married to Elvis...even if you aren't up on pop culture, you should know that. FYI - old Maks partner Laila Ali is pregnant.
3. Agreed.
4. Love the positive energy, but it's not painful to watch (see comment 6 re: Marissa).
5. Yes, get some decent music already.
6. I too was feeling sorry for Monica, but I remembered, "hey, she's pretty good at some other things in her life." Marissa needs to take a chill pill already.

I also enjoy the awkward interaction of Adam and Julianne. Adam calling the Hough combo the Stepford siblings, and then telling Julianne she didn't need to know math because she's hot made me laugh. I did state from the beginning that I was feeling the Kristi/Mark combo, and they certainly seem to be strong. Something does feel a little more flat this year, and it's not the Drew/Cheryl scandal hanging overhead as I don't believe that garbage.

MEP said...

First off, thanks PITA, for this post. It is always great to hear from you. My spirits were really high for the new season last week. Mom and I laughed our butts off watching Penn dance and were cringing on Monica's behalf. I have not yet watched this week's episodes so will refrain from further comment until I know what I'm talking about.

I love The Gute. Love him.

MEP said...

I have finally watched all of the performances and have only a few comments to add:

1. What is up with Tony D's hair? Extra hair? Missing product? An attempt to match Marissa's volume?

2. The scores seem low, but that is okay as it is early in the season. What I don't get is the inconsistency. Priscilla gets 3 7's, but then Penn had 6's--was there only one point difference in their performances? Really?

3. Really loved the voodoo doll that Penn made of Bruno. Funny stuff.

4. Tom Bergeron is so excellent. Samantha, though still incredibly toned, continues to struggle (in my opinion) with her Q & A.

5. The song choices really, really need to improve.

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