Wednesday, March 5, 2008

That Itch that Bravo Scratches

This will be brief because I need to hit the hay. This evening's activities have included the following:

1. Watching the Project Runway finale . . . being, as ever, entranced by Heidi Klum's hair, accent, and overall beauty . . . pondering if "fierce" has now become a bit overdone but yet wishing for more opportunities to use the word in my daily life . . . marveling at Victoria Beckham's ability to not smile in so many situations in which most would smile (i.e.--crowds of people clapping for you and/or taking your picture) . . . wondering still from last week's episode if Tim Gunn really drives a Saturn . . . wondering what that Jeffrey winner from last year has been up to and still thinking about how I didn't like him.

2. Confirming with my DVR that Top Chef Chicago will start recording next Wednesday . . . What will Padma wear? Will any of the challenges involve Chicago locations or restaurants with which I am familiar? Will I regret not taking the opportunity earlier this fall to skulk around the nearby Whole Foods where the cheftestants did their shopping for many of the challenges? Surely one of the challenges will involve pizza . . . but will there be a hot dog challenge?

3. Watching last night's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City . . . I'll give it time, but so far these women are making me miss Jeana, Vicki, and company. The NYC housewives seem a bit hard-edged so far, and the thought of living life on the charity event and Hamptons party circuit just makes me feel sad, tired, and depressed . . . not to mention fat.

Still, the reality programs of Bravo are a cut above, and I am thankful for them. What about you: do you say Bravo to Bravo?


Anonymous said...

I got sucked into back to back episodes of Project Runway last night. J. mentioned she watched it so M-M and I and J watched the episode with the candy outfits. Last night I was drawn in despite the fact that I did not want to be. I probably wouldn't wear a single thing that the winner designed but he sure had a big fan in Victoria. I can't go down those other roads or I will surely become a couch potatoe.

LAP said...

I am a big Bravo reality fan. I was scared to read your blog last night as I didn't want the winner to be revealed, but I just watched it so I am ok now. I thought all three collections were great. I would have liked more interviews from the other contestants to see who they'd vote for. FYI - Reese W. cited Project Runway as her favorite show on Ellen the other day.
I also watched the NY housewives and am equally skeptical. I've already had enough of Ramona to last me all season. Also, I wanted to slap the countess in the preview for a future episode where she corrected Bethenny for having their driver call her LuAnn instead of Mrs. [insert last name here]...Vicki, Jeana and company most certainly would not do such a thing.
I've never watched Top Chef only because I am not taking on new shows. I'm wondering if they'll ever bring Shear Genius back though because I also enjoyed that one.

E... said...

Yes, I am a Bravo junkie. I even watched Top Design, dismal though it was. Who would have thought Todd Oldham is BORING? Speaking of NY housewives, was Bethenny on Top Chef? I'm too lazy to do the google, and I know I know her from somewhere. Did you see Dale with Jack on the Runway finale? Just a random camera pairing, or something more? I'm also watching the supermodel show, though it makes me depressed for the youth our culture is creating, so I feel old as well as fat, so I should stop.

E... said...

Okay, curiousity got the better of me, and thankfully, it was not Top Chef that gave Bethenny her first fame, but the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice. While I am glad that Top Chef has better taste than that, I am not so happy to admit I was more than a casual viewer of the other thing.
Oh, and were you like me and wondering the whole time you watched the Project Runway finale how they work the logistics of the "decoy" showings (Sweet P and Chris)? I'm kind of annoyed they don't even admit to it on the reunion shows -- makes what I hope is SOMEWHAT real seem a little hoked up.

Actchy said...

I'm not really a Bravo watcher (not for any other reason than because I'm not really too much of a TV watcher), but I have been a little disgusted to see that the Arts section of the New York Times has written about the Real Housewives of New York city both on Tuesday

and on Wednesday

of this week. I mean, come on. Some coverage is I guess fine, albeit pushing the edges of what should be in an “Arts” section, but this is bordering on ridiculous. If there is more within the week, I'm writing to the Editor.

Unrelated to your post but related to my comment, the Margaret B. Jones/Margaret Seltzer "Love and Consequences" fiasco is also getting an inordinate amount of play in the Times. Reading the coverage was initially intriguing to me because I perused the article in last week's House & Home section and found her story compelling, but now I find all the lies make me feel depressed as well as old and fat. (Okay, um, actually not those last two, but I wanted to try to get back to MEP's initial post.)

Anonymous said...

While this season of Project Runway wasn't my favorite (maybe it was too fierce for me, or maybe I still miss Santino), I cannot wait for Top Chef.

And I too have hung around that Chicago Whole Foods and talked to a cashier about the Top Cheffing going on around there. He looked uninterested. Obviously, he doesn't love the word "Quickfire!" as much as I do.

Sara G.

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