Monday, February 11, 2008

Bub 2.0*

Many NTB readers may already be aware of this fact; others may not: The hubby and I are expecting our second baby around July 1st. This afternoon we had our 20-week ultrasound, where we learned the following things:

1. This baby is on pace to deliver at least as big as the bubby (9 lbs, 15 ounces and not a c-section, NTB.)
2. This baby appears to be quite healthy. We are thankful that all seems well.
3. This baby is fond of curling up in a tight ball--chin to chest, legs over head. The technician had to leave the room twice so that I could walk around (naked from the waist down) in an attempt to change the baby's position.
4. Despite my being firmly convinced otherwise throughout the twenty weeks leading up this day, this baby is a BOY!

What does this news mean for our family?
1. Fewer new clothes and toys to buy. Though, of course, Bub 2.0 will score some new stuff. New onesies and sleepers for certain. (I'm thinking these "extra" funds might be allotted to mom's wardrobe.)
2. A few items of clothing that will be hanging in the closet unworn (yes, I bought my imaginary daughter a few things and I think Grammy has some returning to do as well) unless this boy expresses interest in a hot pink shirt embroidered with cupcakes or a brown dress with the cutest colored polka dots.
3. Who really knows? Every child is different and Bub 2.0 may be totally different from the earlier version. I am excited to see what this little guy will look like and what little personality will emerge. For all we know, the brothers might have nothing in common but parents and genitalia.
4. A new nickname to discover. On that one, I'll just have to wait. I actually called the bub "birdie" for several months before "bubby" came to be. Just for the record, I am not planning to call my second son "Bub 2.0."

What does this mean for you?
Well, I have a lot of thoughts to share about new motherhood and the first months of parenthood. And you, my friends, may be treated to some of my memories and garnered wisdom as I revisit some of my trials and tribulations (more trials, I have to say) during the bub's first year, especially as July 1st nears. Did someone mention walking outside until one is drenched with sweat in order to make a baby sleep? Is "Graco shame" a real phenomenon in certain zip codes? Is getting ice out of the freezer "too loudly" just cause for a death stare? Did I just hear the phrase "nipple cream"? Just you wait.

That's all I got right now, and I think it is plenty. NTB.

*Credit for the phrase "Bub 2.0" goes to our friends SMF and SV. Thanks!


Hubby (aka T-Baby) said...

MEP has been a trooper through the first half of the second pregnancy. She hasn't missed a beat taking care of the Bub (or me) and is making great progress on her dissertation. I am excited for the Bub to have a brother since I didn't have one. It will certainly make our lives more interesting (more like hectic) come July.

E... said...

Happy Brother, Bub! So thrilled for all of you that you're expecting this new man in your lives. Can't wait to meet him.

LAP said...

Aunt LAP is very excited about Bub 2.0 I think it's great having two of the same sex; I have the bubette version. It's amazing how different they can be...I question whether N. got ANY of the same genes as big sister J. (other than intelligence...ha ha)

However, I already dread the coming comments (I already received one tonight) of "maybe if you have another girl and your sister has another boy, you can just switch." Gee, what a great idea.

msp said...

yeah! so exciting! and my guess is that though they are the same sex, their personalities (even as new babies!) will be completely different. just making life more interesting and giving you more to blog about. i'll be reading...

Steph said...

Congratulations to you! You are a seriously amazing woman. That is one BIG Bub 2.0!

Actchy said...

My husband shared the news of the little one's gender while we were on our trip and I just about fell over. Why I was so sure you would have a girl, I don't know, but this seems to prove that when it comes to guessing who is having a boy or a girl, my accuracy is about 3%. Congratulations to all of you!!

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