Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bubdate: Life is "Messy?!"

1. The bub has pink eye. He woke up Friday morning, and his little eyes were all swollen and practically crusted shut. He was a champ at the doctor's office and so charming that even when he invited himself behind the reception desk, he was not rebuked by the staff but instead given not one but two "Melmo" (read: Elmo) stickers. As we walked out of the office, he kept marveling, "Two stickers. Two stickers." Thanks to the antibiotic, his eyes are almost all cleared up already. Per the doctor's orders, we put the drops in the corner of his eyes while they are closed and then bid him, "Open, open" so that the drops flush his eyes. The funny thing is that each time we say, "Open, open," the bub, in a related act of medical familiarity that he likely associates with recent visits to the doctor's office, opens his mouth and says "ahh" whilst keeping his eyes squeezed shut. So far I have not caught his pink eye as the doctor suggested I might. I have imagined, however, that my eyes are more itchy and sensitive than usual. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

2. The bub has a new nap time hobby. A couple of afternoons this week, the bub took his good, sweet time settling down for his nap. Beyond the typical cries of "Poop, poop," that he attempts to draw us back to him (it always works--as soon as we approach the gate, he sticks his butt against it so that we can smell for poop. 9 times out of 10, he smells fresh as a daisy and is just playing us), he has a new past-time. He opens the (supposedly child-proofed) door to his clothes closet and then proceeds to make a big pile of clothes on the floor of his room (usually right over his heating vent). He has on two occasions also pulled on his blackout shades until they have fallen off their rod. On Tuesday and Wednesday when I responded to his post-nap cries for "Mom," I entered his room to find clothes strewn about and more natural light than usual. I looked at the mess and then at the bub, who proclaimed, as though completely flummoxed, "Messy?! Messy?!". Apparently the mess bothered him because we couldn't proceed downstairs until I had returned the clothes to the closet and reattached the blackout shade.

3. The bub may be going to preschool in the fall. The bub's preschool attendance is only a maybe for a couple of reasons. First, as I am not in the loop in terms of preschool politics, I have no idea if just filling out an application and writing a $50 check for the application fee is enough. Second, the application was due February 1st. I had it all ready in advance (on January 31st) and wouldn't you know it, there was a huge snowstorm and the school was closed on February 1st. I left a rambling message on the voice mail in the admissions office. Then, I convinced my husband to fill out the application again at work (he had a copy of the one the school had faxed there) and then fax it to the school with a note stating that the hard copy and check would be there first thing on Monday. Again, I don't know what I'm up against here and if I would not have been better off flushing my $50 down the toilet, with the bub's help of course--he loves to flush, which leads to . . . Third, the bub will not be able to attend even this pre-preschool program for 2 1/2 year olds unless he is potty trained come fall. Despite my recent bragging, there hasn't been much potty action of late. So, we'll see. Preschool next year is not absolutely necessary by any means. I just thought the bub would enjoy it. Plus, we want to start him off in Catholic preschool to up his chances of being accepted at Notre Dame. I am totally kidding. We are not that twisted or desperate.

That's all I got.


E... said...

Okay, I knew pink eye was highly contagious, but from Cinci to Chicago? That's a little ridiculous. We too have been fighting the conjunctivitis fight around here this week -- O's first case. I thought I had it good escaping the doctor's visit and just getting the drops called in (they were out of appts and I guess trusted my description of the symptoms), but we did not get the handy closed/open instructions. Therefore, I've been pinning O to the couch in wrestler's holds and prying his eyes open. Much fun three times a day. I too, have escaped contamination (as has N.!). To perhaps ease your preschool stress:after all my own obsessing, we got a letter this week saying O. had gotten into the morning session of one of the ones we applied to -- my second choice, but the one I'd been afraid would fill up more quickly. We've still flushed 75 dollars down the toilet somewhere, as we registered at two. Great.
Oh, also -- one of J's favorite sayings is "Messy, Messy" and it was just during the Christmas tv viewing season that we connected it to the magician in Frosty the Snowman.

M said...

I think it's a good sign that the Bub did not like his room messy. I am here to tell you that it starts at a very early age and somehow over the years, it doesn't seem to change. As far as preschool, things seem to turn out as they should, so if he gets in, I bet he'll be potty trained. No worries.

msp said...

eli, too, was supposed to be fully potty-trained before he started preschool. true to my long-time procrastinating nature, i waited until about 10 days before opening day, panicked, firmly said goodbye to the diapers, and then repeatedly told him, "make sure you hold it! no accidents!!" on the first day of school. we made it through (it was actually just the motivation i needed to finally get the job done!), and i wish the same for you in the fall!
oh, and i did get pink eye the first time eli had it. no fun. no fun at all. so kudos to you for being an extensive hand-washer!

Steph said...

I had pink eye a few yars ago, and I am not kidding when I tell you that I'd rather have food poisoning. Or the flu. It was awful. I am very glad you didn't catch it (I hope that's still accurate) and I hope the Bub got well very quickly!

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