Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bubdate: It's Potty Time

Wow, it's Thursday already and no post since Sunday. This week has really flown by. My mom is in town watching the bub so I have been working my tail off on my dissertation. It is so nice to have the company and the help, NTB. Just a couple of bubdates for you:

1. The bub has a new potty. It was a birthday present from me and the hubby (shady, I know). Since he's just two, I don't have any real immediate agenda when it comes to potty training. The current plan is just to see what happens. What's happening is that the bub is quite fond of the potty. NTB, but he has peed in the potty about six times (to much fanfare) and poo pooed twice (to much fanfare). He is nowhere near the point of being able to tell us when he needs to go, but if I strip him and seat him at the potty, he can usually deliver something. One interesting fact is that he so far likes to sit at his potty completely naked from the waist down, not even any socks. I may need to work on the socks part as it would be inconvenient and unsanitary to have him sans socks--a la Britney Spears*--once we reach the public bathroom stage (which I dread). The whole potty process gets a bit interrupted because the bub likes to stand up every 20-30 seconds or so to inspect the goods in the bowl. He also is over-fond of toilet paper, but who isn't? The potty's greatest feature in the bub's mind is that when its lid is down, it makes an ideal step stool, convenient for the endless hand-washing that he favors. The coolest feature that he does not know about is that it is a musical potty that is supposed to break into song when the goods hit the sensor. It does not seem to be working properly though, and I threw away the potty instruction manual, thinking, "I know how potties work." Ah well.

2. The bub has mastered the door doo-dads that we had on many of our doors to foil him. These baby-proofing items are intended to keep him from entering the bathroom, the pantry, the junk closet (where we store the "da-doh," that's play-doh for non-regular readers), and the steps to the basement. Obviously, this development presents a variety of challenges. Due to the bub's penchant for obsessive hand-washing, we have taken to locking the bathroom door from the inside and storing a key (courtesy of our home's former owners) above the door molding . . . nice feature when you're in a hurry.

3. The bub's switch to mustard as his condiment of choice was short-lived. That's what I get for (not) bragging about his new health-conscious ways. Now, he prefers a trio of condiments at every meal. It's become a routine. As his protein is cooking, he makes his request: "Ranch, mus, ketch." And I oblige. I dutifully squirt ranch dressing, ketchup, and mustard on his plate for all meals requiring dipping sauces (which is almost all of his meals). Last week, as he was eating dinner, I decided to make myself some tuna salad. It just sounded good. The photos below show how the bub occupied himself while I, a mere five feet away, busied myself with chopping celery and such.

Perhaps he felt his hair needed more conditioning?

Not to worry. I'll make sure he does not do the same with the goods in the potty. NTB.

*Really, it's not the time for Britney jokes. She is in serious trouble.


Michelle said...

I love the mustard 'do! Good luck on the potty training. At least he seems to enjoy the process :-)

We are going to have so much fun in Florida! I can't wait.

Actchy said...

There is nothing more fun for the person who isn't potty training a toddler than to witness the antics surrounding the training. My nephew is now almost 100% potty trained, but even so, the family got a great show over the holidays when the little man decided to parade around my parents' house wearing nothing but a plastic fire hat and an undershirt.

msp said...

i'm impressed with the potty progress. i've always stood by my own experience that age 3 is the magic number for getting it done! so i sincerely hope you are the one to prove me wrong! it really does make life so much easier--even in public restrooms (i.e. no longer having to worry that wendy's never has a changing table! how can that be??!?!) so good luck, and enjoy the mustard-do along the way. (i bet the tuna salad was worth it!)

woonsocket mark said...

good luck with the potty. Rogan is making progress. Rogan likes to see his work flushed down the toilet. Usually not a problem until this week when he clogged the toilet. Luckily I was at work so my father in law took care of it. Good timing Rogan.

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