Tuesday, January 22, 2008

. . . and I'm not even Suri's mom.

My sister LAP and I were laughing on the phone today because we both saw the same (or similar, I couldn't recall exactly what show I had watched, The Soup? Best Week Ever?) clips of Katie/Kate Holmes' appearance on Good Morning America. The clips are hilarious because Mrs. Tom Cruise shows like zero emotion or enthusiasm, even when talking about her daughter Suri. One of the witty commentators on the show I was watching claimed it was like Katie was talking about some stranger's kid she met once. My sister caught a clip that basically involved Katie telling a really boring story about being able to hem her own pants in a bind. Another of the commentators was joking, "Wow, Katie Holmes really has a way with an anecdote." Not.

I might have pulled a Katie myself in my above attempt to describe the humor I found in watching others mock her a bit. But all of this Holmes talk is just to avoid the post I was tempted to write which basically would have been yet another boring account of a soup I made that was fine, good even, but nothing special. Was it the fact that I added an extra half a cup of chicken broth that it lacked a little something despite receiving a five-star writing on the website where I found it? Would the fact that I used turkey from a breast that had been in my freezer for a few months now (and thus fulfilled one of my New Year's resolutions to use what I have) have made the story any more interesting? The answers are likely no and no. If you're at all curious though, it was Fiesta Turkey Soup and if you clicked the link to find the recipe, you may be wondering if I made the Green Chile Biscuits . . . unfortunately, I did not. Clearly there is nothing to brag about here.


msp said...

i didn't see this, but i did catch her on regis and thought she seemed quite dull. emotionless even. (though she was wearing a jcrew sweater that i actually own. happy that we have the same taste, sad that she wouldn't get a little more fancied up for monring television.) where did joey potter go? i miss her!!!!

E... said...

I missed it on tv, but after your post went and checked the appearance out online. Wow. I think maybe she's on tranquilizers?

Anonymous said...

Obviously this post is a sign that you have a lot of problems (you don't have to call them engrams just because that's what they are). Needless to say your slanderous comments toward TWCOS will be addressed in appropriate legal action. Most of all, it is just sad that you have such a high amount of psychological dysfunction. Can we get you a personality test instead of more soup?


The World Church of Scientology

MEP said...

Dear World Church of Scientology,

Thank you for the sympathy you have expressed with regard to my "high amount of psychological dysfunction." I agree that there has been perhaps too much soup.

All legal matters should be directed toward my attorney, the premier legal mind in Wheeling, WV. Ask around town and you will directed right to him.

MEP said...

I meant "will be directed right to him." Excuse the grammar mistake. It must be all those prescription drugs I am taking. Oops.

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