Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bubdate: What's New in 2008

Three quick bubdates:

1. For months and months now, the bub's condiment of choice has been ketchup. Every once and again, we change things up with a little ranch dressing, but mostly he has been a ketchup kid. Then, over the holidays, he was offered some mustard and now it's all about mustard. I have continued to put ketchup on his plate, not daring to believe he does not want it, but he goes for the mustard in generous amounts instead. Though surprised by this turn of events, I am also pleased. With far less sugar and fewer calories than ketchup, mustard seems the healthier choice, unless ketchup is actually a great source of lycopene. Healthy eating must be one of the bub's New Year's resolutions. Of course, we are not likely to make great progress in that area until he begins eating meals that don't require condiments and dipping sauces at all.

2. Related to the condiments but less auspicious is the bub's new skill: opening the refrigerator. Yesterday the hubby and I were sitting on the couch. He was watching football, and I was zoning out. We thought the bub was playing contentedly in the back room (though we both should have known better). Next thing we know he comes into the family room with one of his little toddler yogurt smoothies, saying "straw, straw." I was halfway to the straws when I paused to wonder how he had retrieved said smoothie. My fears were confirmed when, after he finished his smoothie, he opened the fridge and grabbed another one (no, I did not let him drink it). Today, I let him out of sight for a couple of minutes only to find him walking around the kitchen holding an egg. I managed to wrestle the egg away from him without cracking it, but he cried mightily and I spent a good portion of the next thirty minutes standing in front of the refrigerator. I suspect we have only scratched the surface of the full hell that the bub's fridge-opening skills might prove to be, if only because I don't think the bub consistently remembers that he has this new skill. I need to get to Target ASAP to purchase some sort of refrigerator baby-proof latch. My sister LAP suggested that such an item might end up keeping the whole family from mindless eating and unnecessary visits to the fridge. That bub, always looking out for mom and dad. NTB.

3. The bub now has play-doh (which he pronounces "da-doh"). So far it appears to be his favorite item from all his holiday and early birthday loot. I would estimate that he took me by the hand no less than twenty times today to escort me to the da-doh table. I'll let you imagine what the rug beneath said table already looks like.

I haven't forgotten those resolutions I promised. I'm still pondering.


Actchy said...

I love that the Bub is a mustard man. I myself have never had much love for ketchup.

Michelle said...

Mustard eh? That's surprising!

I'm so happy to know that the "da-doh" is a success!

Thanks for the bubdate. I love it!

msp said...

eli once ate a half a loaf of banana bread before i discovered that he could and had opened the refrigerator. so hopefully you won't lose anything too precious before you discover a way to lock it up!

Anonymous said...

I allow my kids ketchup but that is far as I can go with the condiments.

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