Thursday, September 6, 2007

Success Story

Because this week's postings covered the challenges of professional photography when children are involved as well as my lifelong struggle to choose clothes to wear, this photo seems worth sharing. A professional photographer came to our house to take this photo, and for a photo that had to capture five children (all of whom, I might add, were eager to be at Surf Cincinnati for our neighborhood pool's once-a-summer outing at the waterpark, complete with discounted admission), I think it is fairly successful. I am sharing it as well because although this may be hard to believe, it captures a rare occasion on which I was completely satisfied with the outfit I was wearing. NTB. The paint-splattered terry-cloth top I am wearing belonged to my mom, and I was so excited that she allowed me to wear it for the photo. I remember wanting to wear it to Surf Cincinnati as well, but believe that request was denied. I look at the photo now and think what a shame it was that all that hair sprayed and feathered perfection (note also the artful spike in my oldest brother's hair) would soon be destroyed by the waterslides and the wave pool. This photo is also making me smile today because I see in my little brother Boo (aka The Intern) something that reminds me of my bub--not only the cute smile but the friendly, open, sweet disposition. I feel so fortunate to have had and to still have so many reasons to smile. NTB.


Anonymous said...

You just made me smile too. M

LAP said...

Regarding the hot chic on the left: Interesting that the lower half of my hair could be so many shades blonder and shinier than the bangs. Perhaps the effects of excessive use of products on the upper portion or, more likely, the effects of chlorine.

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