Monday, September 17, 2007

Daisy, a pretty flower but . . .

Today I received a new-style Kohl's catalog in the mail advertising the semiannual home sale. Okay, I appreciate a sale as much as the next consumer so I'll give it a look-see. I see that Rachael Ray has her own cookware. Not tempted by that but admit to being intrigued by the Rachael Ray Cutlery by Furi. Something about the "Froggy Mezzaluna" knife entices me, but intrigued though I am, the sale price of $39.99 won't be worth it if I cut my finger off. Now the Kitchen-Aid mixer page. I check out the new colors. Was I wrong to choose cobalt four years ago? I pause to consider if tangerine or the turquoise might have been better choices. I think I'm at peace with the cobalt. A panini press? Again, I am enticed but fearful it would just be the disappointment of the George Foreman grill all over again (and, just for the record, I hate the George Foreman grill, not George Foreman, just his grill). Oh, a rug doctor? Our white carpet could really use some steam cleaning. But $699.99? Not in the mood. Quickly breezing past several pages featuring shower curtains, rugs, towels, and the candles and crap page. Plain white down comforters. I'm bored. Stacks of sheets "artfully" arranged on an old church pew (quite atypical of Kohl's ad styling). Nope. Bedding? I pause. I am a real sucker for beautiful comforters and duvet covers. I would be buying new bedding every six months if not for the fact that the person with whom I share my bed would really frown on that. Plus, the fact that he is happy with (or rather, not objecting to) the patterned duvet cover we currently have (plus all the matching pillows, NTB) is a near-miracle because his preference would be a plain, navy bedspread.

Okay, so back to the bedding. I notice that Daisy Fuentes now has bedding collections at Kohl's. I read: "Created exclusively for Kohl's by international trend-setter Daisy Fuentes, this home collection is infused with the energy of Miami and the elegance of Old Hollywood. Get ready to indulge your senses!" The Daisy Fuentes bedding is fine. A bit too shiny and lacy for my taste, but fine. What has me puzzled is the phrase "international trend-setter." Really? I pause to consider the omnipresence of Daisy Fuentes. She has a clothing and now a bedding line at Kohl's. I think she sometimes hosts pageant shows with Mario Lopez. I remember her a few years back on the Winsor Pilates infomercials. I have passed lighted airport billboards informing me that Daisy Fuentes is taking folic acid. I am also recalling that she used to host America's Funniest Home Videos (or a similar show). Am I missing something? What is the starting point? Why is Daisy Fuentes "famous" to begin with? Understand I am not objecting to her. She's attractive. She has a lovely accent. Her hair inspires envy. But why is she a go-to host/spokesperson/celebrity designer. What am I missing?

Also, I am still thinking about the panini press. Do I need one? Any feedback would be appreciated.


Action said...

I have a pair of Daisy Fuentes pajamas, and they are my absolute, "wear-them-as-soon-as-they-are-out-of-the-dryer" favorite pair. I can only assume that Daisy’s expertise in crafting super-comfortable sleepwear has deemed her an international trend-setter, and that the Telemundo fame, soap opera stints, and other high-brow credits followed thereafter.

MEP, you do not need a panini press. You get the same results by grilling your sandwich per the norm and, while it’s sizzling, pressing on the top with another pan, a dinner plate, a clean sneaker, etc.

LAP said...

As for Daisy, I saw her on E! Fashion Police last night. Don't judge me for watching. I agreed with many of her comments re: the Emmys but found that she was sucking up to Kimora Lee Simmons too much for my liking. Pleasant gal overall, but I too found myself wondering the origin of her "fame."

As for the panini press, don't do it. Do you not remember the sandwich snacker...or whatever it was called? We watched the infomercial over and over until finally mom bought one? I'm not sure I ever remember actually using it once it was in our possession.

Anonymous said...

About the super snacker. I recall the apple pie filling sandwiched between two slices of white Wonder bread did not taste like apple pie as predicted. I was the adult but even though I caved on a useless purchase, there was sheer delight when the package arrived. Because of the super snacker, for a few days, we rocked Fairfield.

Anonymous said...

If you want to try a panini press, I have an unopened one in my laundry room. Thankfully, it was a gift, not a poor personal purchase. Seems to me an upscale version of the Foreman grill. We have two of those in the basement, probably with rancid grease smeared on them still.

Megan Elizabeth said...

I too have the Daisy Fuentes pajamas that I bought at Kohl's. I own two pair and they are my absolute favorite! Unfortunately I can't seem to find them anymore. I have the striped bottoms with short sleeved tops. Any idea where to purchase a few more pair?

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