Sunday, September 16, 2007

A real prize.

Yesterday the hubby, bubby, and I ventured into the near suburbs to secure a new sportcoat for my husband and new extra-wide shoes for the bub's ever-growing feet. It was a successful outing and, NTB, the only thing I purchased was a $1 bargain cookbook. Anyway, as we drove home, we ended up behind a tan truck for quite a while. Three magnetic ribbons were affixed to the back of the truck. Was the driver trying to support our troops? Was he interested in supporting breast cancer research? No and no. His three ribbons read, respectively, "Support roadhead," "Support sluts," and "Support hookers." Then, to top it all off, he had a miniature Confederate flag hanging from his rear view mirror with some Mardi Gras beads. The driver also had a passenger in the car, and I was quite relieved when I established that the passenger was male. The idea that any woman would be willing to ride in that truck with those messages adhered to the back (not to mention the Confederate flag up front) was almost more than I could bear.


LAP said...

You mean you don't have any of those ribbons on your volvo?

As far as the confederate flag, I continue to be surprised at its widespead presence. A date of mine in college (from your alma mater), had a confederate flag on the wall of his dorm room, as well as a flag of his roommate's native country. A sign hung on their door indicating it was the home of "The Hick and the Spic."

Anonymous said...

Just a little slice of Americana as you drive down the road. I actually commented on an example of what I considered a ridiculous sticker on a car but unfortunately, I have already forgotten what was so ridiculous about it. If I get a brain recharge, I'll share it. M

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