Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strangely Proud

Bub's been potty trained for many months now and looking back, I'm not really sure how it happened. We bought him a little potty when he turned two and then at various times between ages two-and-a-half and three-plus-a-few, we took a stab at getting him trained through shifting bribes, treasures from a treasure box, lemonems, books, an Elmo video, speeches that he probably ignored, new underwear, pathetic armchair psychology, overuse of the phrase "big boy," and a small fortune in pull-ups.

And then, when he was ready, he started using the potty like it was no big deal.


A couple of months passed, and he announced that he no longer wanted to wear pull-ups to bed. He wanted to wear underwear. Since he was waking up dry most mornings, we were like, "Sure, let's try it."


Does he wet the bed sometimes? Yes, he does. Early on, it only happened about once a month, usually when he isn't reminded to go to the bathroom before bed.

Perhaps we've been really forgetful around here lately because he has wet the bed with more frequency in the past month or so. At least once a week, I'd estimate.

But here's the odd thing . . . except for one time when he started screaming and wailing, Bub is the most stealthy and efficient bedwetter ever. NTB.

It's like he notices he's wet himself, gets out of bed, removes his clothes, fumbles in his closet for new bottoms and underwear, and then makes his way into mom and dad's urine-free bed. I usually don't hear, smell, or otherwise notice a thing until I wake up and find Bub snoring on my pillow and clad in a pair of 2T windpants from the back of his closet or a pair of new sweatpants (tags still on).

Pretty impressive, right? NTB.

While I am bragging, I will add that he wet the bed last night and that while I was scouring his room this morning in search of a school picture day outfit, he stripped the damp sheets from his bed and piled them up with his wet pajama bottoms, underwear, and soft blanket. I felt strangely proud.

We ordered a big boy bed for Bub this past weekend (need the toddler bed available for Little Bit should he decided to spring himself from the crib). I guess we could have a talk about how "big boys don't wet the bed," but I don't think I will bother. I will buy one of those plastic mattress covers though.

I'm off to move some sheets and a soft blankie from the washer to the dryer. Tell me though, when have you felt strangely proud of late? Please share in the comments.


Nap Warden said...

Is it bad that I don't have an answer? I gotta have something...I'm sick, and on cold medicine...perhaps my brain isn't quite working:P

CaraBee said...

Here's my sortof proud moment.

Sophie has been a little sick the last few days. What that means is that she was up this morning at the crack of 4:45. Memories of a year ago anyone? So after hanging for a while, watching some Wubbzy, and a little breakfast, I brought her upstairs to lay down with me for a nap. Usually, she naps exclusively in her bed, but with her being sick, the rules are bent a little. She wouldn't sleep without me, so I laid down with her. Of course, I fell asleep. Because I'd been up since 4:45.

When I woke up, she was on the floor next to the bed, carefully dabbing up the milk she had spilled from her sippy cup with a kleenex. She's a cleaner, my girl! Now, if I could just teach her how to do the bathrooms.

Sue and Randy said...

I was at Toys R Us today (Amanda's half birthday so we were spending gift cards from her birthday that I saved for this occasion). While checking out Legos (for a very long time), she heard multiple songs from The Beatles Rock Band video game display nearby. She identified almost every song: "Mommy--its Yellow Submarine!" Very proud moment for me!

LAP said...

Last night I saw that the batteries had been taken out of the electronic pencil sharpener. I asked Fancy what happened and she explained that it wouldn't shut off...even after the pencil was out, it just kept making the sound that it was sharpening. So, she removed the back panel and took out the batteries to get it to stop. I thought that was good thinking, never mind that she is only supposed to use it when I am around:)

E... said...

I've been so strangely proud of my N. lately, for the smiling and charming she's been doing in new situations. I'm so used to O's anxiety and necessary coaxing (at first, he can certainly do his own share of charm when he's comfy), it is just amazing to me that she can join into things with a smile.
Also, at the zoo today, she pulled a yellow jacket right off of her lip without getting stung, and rolled from a standing position right off of the ledge in front of a bird display, and landed unharmed except for wet pants from a puddle. How did either of those things happen??

Steph said...

It's all about self-reliance! I think that's pretty cool.

Actchy said...

Lately Acey has been pushing towards 7am as his wake-up time. I almost forgot how many weeks we were greeting each other for the day in the 5 o'clock hour. You'd think I would throw a parade for the little guy.

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