Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Missing: do YOU know what happened to . . .

* the coupon the YMCA sent me that is good for a free month of membership (we are already members so this is a nice little bonus or would be if I had not permanently misplaced this coupon).

* the library book with pictures of doggies that makes a "woof" sound when you press the button -- last seen behind the couch while I was talking on the phone with a friend who had lost the case to a scratched, crappy My LIttle Pony DVD from her library. I don't want to lose this woof woof book, I said to myself, so I'll just leave it behind the couch. It's no longer there. I've bought a reprieve through renewal, but I'm starting to fear I'll never hear that woof again.

* Little Bit's other shoe -- the kid has two pair of shoes, but I can only find one complete pair at any time and it's never the pair I would like for him to be wearing.

* time for blogging -- I actually know what happened to the time. It was stolen by my new teaching gig. This gig requires hours of work at home during my child-free couch, television, and blogging time. For example, I was up until midnight last night. That's okay though because after child care, taxes, parking downtown, and the money I spend buying food while I'm downtown teaching, I am netting some major bucks. HA!!!! I am feeling kind of sorry for myself. It does help when my husband says things like, "I'm not attending your pity party." or "You signed up for this." or "You have to start at the bottom."

* time for laundry, cooking, and cleaning -- I'm not Susie Homemaker to begin with, but I'm really struggling now.

I'll be back soon with a more positive post. I promise!


CaraBee said...

"I'm not attending your pity party!" Classic.

Despite the Everest-sized pile of shoes my daughter has, I've been surprisingly lucky on locating matchers. Socks, on the other hand, are ALWAYS giving me trouble. They're so tiny, they just disappear. I feel like I am always buying them and still I have to scrounge to find a set.

Also, our house's ability to swallow things whole is why I have so far resisted borrowing kid books from the library.

E... said...

I just want to share with you the happy ending to the My Little Pony story. No, I didn't find it. But guess what the charge is for a lost case? Two dollars! The same price they charge for returning the DVD two days late, which I ALMOST did, hoping it would turn up. Weird. Now I'm sorry I stressed about it at all. Two dollars, not worth any worry, and almost not even worth any looking. However, we did leave "My First Phonics Book" (it had a puppy on the cover -- I'm not that advanced in teaching my toddler to read!) at my brother's soccer game, and I have a feeling it will be a little more pricey!
I feel your pain on the teaching gig, and I only have to do it for one week every three months! I'd be glad to attend the pity party, and will pour the whine...

msh said...

i would like to attend the pity party as well. and i'll bring some of my own self-pity, just to be festive. i once paid the library $10 for a lost backyardigans dvd, and i almost felt good about it as i thought about it as a donation to my most favorite place. just think, who would you rather give your fresh-earned money to than the library?

Actchy said...

Perhaps Little Bit's other shoe is with my nude-colored nursing bra, which is arguably the most important item of clothing I own, and which has been missing for 4 long days.

East Coast Bro said...

I can't help with locating items. jen moved our stuff into the house last week when I was out of town and I don't have a clue where anything is..........kind of like it to tell you the truth.

Focus on the quality hours of mental stimulation with other adults and time out of the house, the money will come.
Don't relent on the complaining, I don't want to hear of other husbands getting off easy, just keep those hot pockets stocked up.

Steph said...

"You don't have to be superwoman." A really smart woman told me that.

LAP said...

I am laughing at the pity party comment from hubby. As for what is missing around here:
*the blonde hair from my youth
*the floor of my van
*any time in my life when I said "I have nothing to do"
*half the pairs of white school socks just purchased last month

Nap Warden said...

*Time for Blogging* I hear you!

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