Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bub knows how to pick them.

A few weeks ago, hubby was putting Bub to bed and asked him, "Who's your best friend?" Bub answered, apparently without hesitation, "Little Bit." I'm sorry that I didn't witness the exchange but even imagining it warms my heart and gives me some assurance that whatever mistakes we are making as parents, we are doing something right if our boys love each other. And really, what's not to love? NTB.

This post is the one I've been meaning to write ever since Little Bit celebrated his first birthday. Words will fall short of capturing how much joy he has brought into our home and our hearts, full-to-bursting really. But to keep this post from verging too far into the sappy and sentimental, I am going to focus on the reasons why Little Bit is and will be such a good “best friend” candidate for Bub and the other little buddies he will meet along the way.

1. Little Bit is a happy guy. He just is. He smiles (almost) all the time, lighting up the room with the big, bright blue eyes.* If he’s unhappy, you’ll know it but it won’t last long. He laughs a lot. It’s an infectious and surprisingly deep sort of laugh for a little guy, and it doesn’t take much to provoke it . . . a quick game of peek-a-boo, attempting to feed mommy crumbs from his high chair tray and then pulling them away at the last second, watching Bub parade around the family room with his underwear on his head, being tickled. In fact, he likes being tickled so much that “tickle, tickle, tickle” is one of the only understandable things that he says.

2. Little Bit is usually game for anything. Want to empty a box of Kleenex tissue by tissue? Want to paw through a drawer filled with baby food and remove the cardboard wrapper and plastic lid from each? Want to climb stairs, the back of the couch, and the Pottery Barn chairs and come thisclose to falling? Want to rip up paper or eat crumbs off the floor? Explore and taste gadgets like the phone and remote control? Little Bit is your man.

3. Little Bit likes to dance. Wouldn't you like to have a best friend who dances? A dance-off with the battery-powered dancing Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba is a daily event. Little Bit will also bob up and down when Bub succeeds in getting mom or dad to play “Boom Boom Pow” for the one millionth time. Although it’s not officially a dance move, Little Bit has a quirky but surprisingly speedy hop-along style crawl wherein he sweeps/hooks one leg in an odd manner. It’s a sight.

4. Little Bit likes to meet new people. He’ll be the kid to go to camp or the back-to-school dance with because he seems delighted any time there’s anyone new to look and smile at. We were at Einstein’s Bagels this morning, and Little Bit was sitting in a high chair with his back to the door. Each time someone entered the restaurant, he turned around to smile and squeal, winning a lot of return smiles and greetings. His attitude toward life and the people he encounters seems to be, “Hey, why not be happy?!” Why not, indeed. I hope his smiles continue to brighten the days of others. A warning for his friends during the adolescent years though, he does seem to be a flirt. He can charm prospects, but may not be content to play wing man. We'll have to see.

5. He will be lots of fun at slumber parties because he does not seem to have trouble being awake at night.

6. He likes to eat. The ability to take pleasure in food is, in my book, a key quality that a friend should possess. The good eater switch finally got turned on around Little Bit’s first birthday and now he is going to town on a variety of foods. Favorites include watermelon, blueberries, and grilled cheese sandwiches coated in tomato sauce. He eats with gusto and murmurs "mmmm" after particularly tasty bites. He got a hold of one of Bub’s sippy cups the other day and sampled some chocolate milk before I could stop him. He’s definitely a fan, but we’re not going there yet and have had to become more vigilant about keeping track of Bub’s cups. I like that he goes after what he wants.

NTB a given for all of the above and, of course, a disclaimer that notes that our one year old can whine with the best of them, is stubborn, is the messiest eater in Cook County, and still does not sleep through the night. Still, we’ll keep him, treasure him even.

I hope Little Bit will continue to be his bit brother’s best buddy and hope that he will live a fully and happy life with true and loyal friends and more than enough love and laughter.

I’m not lucky enough to be Little Bit’s best friend. I’m even luckier. I’m his mom. I know his daddy feels the same. Little Bit is a joy.

Happy Birthday to Bub’s best friend Little Bit. And many more.

*He has his daddy’s eyes. Usually I look at Little Bit and just see Little Bit but there are moments when I look at him and see him as my husband’s mini me and it just blows my mind.


CaraBee said...

What a sweet post! I can't wait to meet the little guy! Not to mention Bub and the rest of the NTB gang!

Btw, did you know that Mini-me is now in the dictionary?

Anonymous said...

He is every bit as sweet as you described and more, ntb. He is a shameless flirt but who could resist and who doesn't love being the object of his flirtations. m

E... said...

What a sweet way to honor Little Bit's first year. As someone who truly values your friendship, I know you are being a great role model in all kinds of ways. How lucky you are to have two boys and see them grow and grow as friends.

LAP said...

So sweet. As Little Bit's godmother I'd like to take some credit for his cheery disposition, but I believe the credit lies fully in the hands of those who make his home so happy. He's a gem.

Michelle said...

Little bit is such a sweetie. I love that little grin ;-0 And bub is such a great big brother.

Both of you should be so proud of your sweet boys!

I may be partial, but I think they are the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm in tears over here. What a lucky little guy he is to have such a loving and wonderful mother! Rita

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