Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sugar Bites?

My parents are visiting us. We decided to go to NYC for a bit. We planned to go to the Yankees game and hang out for a bit. We left bright and early yesterday morning to go to the catch the train in Poughkeepsie. (kind of fun to say, NTB). Enroute to Poughkeepsie, we went to Dunkin' Donuts. Now some of you may think, boy that is really exciting. But my mom and I were less than thrilled, as neither of drink coffee and we both wanted to resist the temptation of having a delicious donut. Not only that, but they dont even offer soda. Well, I will correct it by saying they do - but it is Pepsi products, and does that really count anyway? So as my husband pulls up to the window, my dad proclaims he would like some "sugar bites" to accompany his coffee. So my mom and I look at each other in the back thinking - what are sugar bites? Was he referring to the Dunkin' Donut munchin? Not wanting to disagree with his new father-in-law, my husband orders 12 sugar bites. The drive-thru worker than comes back with, we dont have "sugar bites" , only then does my husband reply with "we will have 12 munchins" So they end up having 6 glazed and 6 powdered sugar - closest they had to the "sugar bite" my dad had initially desired. Both my mom and I were offered a munchin, I accepted, my mom did not. So we make it to Poughkeepsie, just in time to load the 8:33 train to the city.

So my mom and I loaded the train hungry, but you know we aren't complainers so we just went and took one for the team and sat down quietly. The ride itself was uneventful, except for the man sitting directly in front of my mom that was leering. I was going in and out of sleep and sure enough each time I woke up, we made eye contact - kind of uncomfortable. We make it into Grand Central Station and begin walking to the Courtyard Marriott. I was feeling weak, but again I am not a complainer so I just kept walking, pretty much starving by now. We dropped our bags and to my delight my mom was pushing for a food stop immediately. So we did secure some food, and sure enough I was feeling footlose and fancy-free. We headed to the game, I was thinking to myself all of the wonderful snacks that were in store for me at the game. I was trying to pace myself and not peak to early with my snacks. So I was pleased when I made it to the top of the second before heading to the concession. My mom and I ordered a soft pretzel and a soda each. The girl goes to retrieve the pretzels, I make eye contact with her and she is shaking her head, they are cold - do we will still want them. I couldn't believe it was happening. But...we see her then fishing through every pretzels until she happily brings back hot pretzels for us. We can both tell she is very pleased herself, so we take the pretzels. But as you may have figured, these pretzels were cold. We still gave it a valiant effort, but all and all a huge disappointment. After the initial disappointment, I didn't revisit the concession.

So today, we wake up, and of course I am hungry. I like to eat promptly after I wake up. I know my mom feels the same. I will mention that my dad and husband didn't seem to have a sense of urgency about breakfast. We walked awhile, and then we made a move. I had some delicious pancakes and felt somewhat satisfied. My mom and I discussed that we should definitely secure a soda and a snack for the return trip. On the way to the station, we got a McDonald's soda and also got some pretzel goldfish. When on the train, we split the bag, so we both could have some. I happily shared them with my husband and my mom shared with my dad. I will mention that later, that when my dad was eating more than my mom was comfortable with, she "offered' to put them in her purse for later. We reach Poughkeepsie. My dad mentions he has to use the restroom, so I casually plant the seed that I saw Burger King on the way there, so maybe we could stop there. Obviously, I was hungry again and ready for my next meal. I knew mom was right there with me. Then it was if the world crashed down before me, when my husband pulled into a gas station. Not only do I not like using the restroom facilities at this sort of place, but I knew food was not in the cards either. So with our heads a little low, we walked in and used the restroom. At this time, I would like to mention that the gas station had a Dunkin' Donuts inside. Coincidence, I think not. It wasn't until we were traveling, that we realized from the back that those two were again eating "sugar bites." Only this time, we didn't get an offer. I will pretty much say that is when the wheels started to come off. We are no complainers, but we let it rip. We discussed how we are on a regular eating schedule, and how we have been off of it for two days now....instead of feeling bad, they seem to delight in our starvation - completely making light of the situation. In the end, we did get an early dinner at Outback, but I am still feeling weak from two days of almost starvation. Sugar bites? I mean really.


LAP said...

I hear what you are saying. I need to eat regularly. However, I can't resist a good "sugar bite" if one is offered. I've never referred to them as such, but I will never again be able to eat a munchkin or the like without thinking of their new alias.

MEP said...

There are three Dunkin Donuts very near my home. I quite enjoy "sugar bites" and donuts filled with cream and/or pudding. However, I can't allow myself to go there. I think just once and it would be over. Slippery slope, you know. The gas station stop for the restroom is ridiculous.

Regan said...

NTB, but we get our sugar at Sheetz. That place has everything and the Lady on the Dome would be proud to use the restrooms there. CJR

"Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel."

Anonymous said...

Molly I feel your pain for being off of a regular eating schedule. It is imperative for me to eat regulary and now for my girls too.

Thanks for sharing

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