Thursday, August 2, 2007

Diaper Days

Swim diapers are not a marketing scam, which is what I always kind of suspected they were (though I dutifully purchased them several months ago before my bub's first trip to Florida). I was out of swim diapers yesterday and decided it would do my bubby no harm to wear a regular diaper to the beach. I was correct that he was not harmed, unless he knew at his young age to be embarrassed that he was wearing a diaper that had expanded to seven or eight times its size. It was busting out of his swim trunks, and I think he was actually having trouble walking because the bubble butt diaper was throwing off his balance. I relayed this fact to my sister later in the day, and she told me I was lucky because a regular diaper that gets fully saturated can actually explode or something.

The explosion came later that evening. I put the bub to bed with minimal resistance. Then, fifteen minutes or so later, my husband and I hear some whining via our monitors. I am all for riding it out, but my husband decides to go check on him. Next thing I know, I am being paged through the monitor. My immediate concern was that the bub had figured out how to climb out of his pack n' play (he is sleeping in the pack n' play because he has figured out how to climb out of his crib--because he is our first child, we were dumb and purchased a non-traditional crib that cannot accommodate a crib tent, though crib tents sound scary, eh?). I walked upstairs expecting to see him running around his room, full of pride. Instead, I found him sitting in the pack n' play surrounded by flecks of snow. "Why did you put him down for the night with a wipe?" my husband asks. I had not, nor do I ever, put down my bub with a wipe. Instead, he had removed his pajama pants (quite a feat because they were a rather tight-ish, Sprockets-like pair), removed his diaper, ripped up the innner-filling of the diaper, and tossed it everywhere. Instead of seeming proud of himself, he just seemed confused. I was surprised at how much stuff there was to be ripped out of a diaper, but not as surprised as I would have been had I not seen earlier in the day how much liquid can truly be absorbed by all that stuff. Now I know. NTB.


LAP said...

Isn't it Oprah who talks about the "ah-ha" moment...looks like you had your Pampers one today.

Michelle said...

This post basically brought me to tears laughing, I can just see him pantless, surrounded by diaper snow looking confused!

I love it! He's great ;-)

megan s said...

i actually had a diaper explode on me once. i swore it was not due to bad parenting. it was not that long ago that i had changed his diaper and i don't think he had excessive amounts of pee. i actually complained to pampers (i must have been going through some very weird stage because i am not a complainer. i eat food i didn't order rather than send it back). anyway, i got a gigantic thing of free diapers for being such a good complainer. ntb.

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