Friday, July 20, 2007

Who is MEP?

Updates in RED, September 2013

Hi, I'm MEP. Not to brag . . . is my blog, and I am so glad you've stopped by. I started this blog in July of 2007 when my oldest son was around 18 months old and I still had three chapters of a dissertation left to write. I wasn't sure I'd ever finish writing and graduate so I started blogging in part because I yearned to finish writing something. Crafting a short(ish) blog post was the perfect way to get a nice feeling of completion and satisfaction without having to do much research or include end notes. The fact that people started reading the blog and leaving comments made the experience even sweeter. Blogging has made me feel more connected to friends, family, and strangers than I ever imagined. Almost three years later, I love having this outlet to share what I'm thinking, feeling, reading, eating, and trying to do with my life.  By some combination of divine intervention and hard work, I defended my dissertation in November of 2008 and graduated in May of 2009.  Six years after starting this blog, I mostly neglect it.  My life is far less lonely these days than it was when I was a new mom in a big city, NTB.  I don't need virtual connections as much as I once did (though I treasure the friends I have made through blogging).  

I live in Chicago (near Wrigley Field) with Hubby and our two sons Bub (4 years) and Little Bit (19 months). We are so excited to welcome our daughter Sweet P in April. Check out some family pictures below.  We've been living the good life in the 'burbs for two years now.  We're a party of five these days.
We looked this perfect, NTB, and matchy-matchy for about five minutes this past August.  
My hair is now mostly grey and highlighted blond in an attempt to disguise that.  My hair is also long.  What's more, my second son is now five and can walk.  My daughter exists. 

Ah, that's more like us. NTB.  I still make this face.

I'm a SAHM right now. I taught a few classes last semester and see more part-time teaching in my future. For now though, my boys keep me busy but still allow me to nurture my passions, such as reading and eating. I also enjoy watching television. I don't get out nearly enough, but I do love hanging out with friends whenever I can. One day I plan to start working out.  Reading more than ever.  Unfortunately, eating more than ever too.  Watching far less television than I once did -- have eliminated all competitive reality programs.  I go out plenty, NTB.  I play tennis twice a week, but that's about it in the "working out" category.

I'm a Midwestern girl through and through, and my favorite states are (in order): Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana.

What else? I'm the oldest of five kids. I can appreciate a clean house, but have to fight my own slobbish tendencies to keep ours looking just okay on a daily basis. I am simultaneously intrigued and repelled by baby monkeys (the small kind the wrap around human fingers). I love Diet Coke. I don't blog about politics. I go to bed later than I should. Running shoes are my footwear of choice (but I do not run). I am very skilled at programming our DVR.  I still heart DC.  I still stay up late.  I change up my footwear more than I used to.

I try not to take myself too seriously. Some days I succeed.

You'll see the abbreviation NTB throughout some of my posts.
NTB = Not to brag . . .

I consider NTB a frame of mind, a lifestyle even. You can use it in a sarcastic tone, as in, "I gained a record 12 pounds at my last ob gyn visit, NTB." Or, you can use it just to keep things a little more real if you're going to brag on your kids and whatnot, as in, "My two year old can read me the newspaper in Spanish and wipe his own butt, NTB." NTB helps you keep it real.

I like to imagine that NTB is about trying to negotiate life's ups and downs with humor and a semblance of grace, reasonableness, and positivity.  I still strive to bring all of these qualities to my daily life, but as my kids get older and my life less anonymous, I am less comfortable sharing the more personal aspects of our life.  

I think that's enough about me and this blog. Please visit again because I'm really, really glad you're here. Like all bloggers, I love, love, love comments, but I'd rather have you stop by and not comment than stop stopping by because you feel guilty not commenting . . . if that makes sense.  Visit often, but there's not much new content on offer!

Anyway, enjoy!

Peace out,

P.S. -- My sisters LAP and PITA are infrequent but valued contributors here at NTB as well. They are both way better writers than they think they are and in real life they are both way funnier than I am.  They are still funnier than I am.  Maybe they are the future of NTB.  I'll get back to you on that.


LAP said...

AWESOME description of MEP and of NTB, and I'm not just saying that because you called me funny. Seeing a new blog post from you is always a real treat.

Anonymous said...

Love the description and explanations and my GG. m

Miss Welcome said...

By the way, I don't comment because I feel guilty stopping by and not commenting. (grin)

Tricia said...

I appreciate you giving this explanation as the first "historical" post. I often go back to a person's very first post to see where they began. So thanks! I can't wait to catch up on your last three years. And, don't worry, I'll comment!

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