Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RWOP: Do you need anybody?

Hello, is this thing on? Real Women of Pinterest, can you hear me? Truth is I don't have any of my own Pinteresting to share this week. We're still getting back in the swing of things after the holiday "break," and I'm not sure how much Pinteresting I can justify when I still haven't managed to get our tree taken down. Thanks to hubby traveling and a DVR filled with the premiere of the new season of Downton Abbey, I have started wrapping up our ornaments, but there's still a ways to go. Plus, I need to help JJ, our Elf on the Shelf, returning to the North Pole this evening, to craft a letter explaining why he hung around an extra two weeks in the same spot where he was spotted Christmas morning and reminding the kids to listen to their mom and dad, say their prayers, and be kind.

Lucky for me, I have awesome people who answered my call to share their Pinterest-inspired projects. Check them out!
First we have a fun, kid-friendly art project. The Pinteresting mom, my sister LAP who is a valued NTB contributor, wrote, "The J, N, and B are on display on the window ledge in our stairwell. ... I used painters tape to make their first letter (I was not ambitious enough nor did I have large enough canvases to do their full names). The girls painted and once the canvases dried, we peeled off the tape. Voila...masterpieces! (or something like that)." I can see this project being used with a large shape as well -- a heart for Valentine's Day, a bird because I dig them, a shamrock ...

LAP had another offering as well: "The 'est 2002' was a trial for the Popular Pinterest pin that says 'use glue and paint over using any solid color.' I just used regular old Elmer's brand, but my suggestion is perhaps doing two layers of glue? I feel like mine is a little hard to read, but I still have it hanging out on my bathroom sink next to my soap and lotion (because I know you were wondering.)" I like the idea of trying this project with an inspirational word, perhaps "enough" since that is one of my themes for the year.
A dear friend of my family has a preschooler who requested "dolls of her teachers" for Christmas. Since such dolls aren't readily available at Toys 'R Us and the like, I am so excited to share her totally awesome creative solution: photos on magnets that can be moved around on a cookie sheet. I've been jonesing to try the much-pinned cookie sheet magnet board project, but I think this project takes that to the next level. It would be fun to think about what sorts of kids activities/games could be made with magnets and cookie sheets. There are probably multiple pins of such already. Maybe next week.
Last, but surely not least, is some Pinteresting from a high school friend who is a talented photographer and a pop culture guru. Inspired by a Pinterest pin (she sent it to me, but I'm too tired for any more links right now), she crafted alphabet printables (like the one above) as holiday gifts.

By next week, I promise, the tree will be down and I'll have something cool of my own to share.

If you've done any Pinteresting, please link up below or send me pics of your projects: mep AT nottobrag DOT net.

I get by with a little help from my friends.


Stacia said...

Your first two sentences made me snort. Really, they did. Maybe JJ can do some Pinteresting before he leaves town?? To make some lovely parting gifts and all that?

Heather said...

Yep, as much as I would love to take part, I'm not having the crafty Pinterest bug right now. Oh, I love browsing and pinning and oohing and aahhing, but I lack the time and/or energy to actually DO it. AND I was deeply engrossed in Stephen King's new book, which I finally finished last night. It was the best book I've read in YEARS, I tell you. I'm so sad it's over.

Good luck with your Christmas un-decorating ;)

Steph said...

You have some creative folks you hang with!

Anonymous said...

Very, very creative. Loving it!

E... said...

Finally put the Christmas books in a bin to take down to the basement, after a week of looking at them and telling myself I should wrap them in anticipation of next year's advent activity so I'm not wrapping 25 books on November 30. I did wrap a few, but then L. kept unwrapping them. So, I get it on the undecorating. It will happen. And if not, Christmas colors are Valentine colors, mostly!
LAP's projects are two I was planning to attempt. Nice work!

Tricia said...

Great RWOP post. I loved LAP's special feature. I always enjoy her guest visits! Sadly I probably see her here more than in person. Your RWOP posts have really inspired me to stop pinning and start doing! THANKS

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